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  1. Contributed by wimwijnands824


Our hometown Hoensbroek in the south of The Netherlands was liberated by Amercan soldiers in september 1944. In the month January and February was a black american soldier stationed in a part of our town, nearby the railway-station Hoensbroek. His last name was Brooks. This black american soldier was a truck-driver, most times he had a job in transporting ammunition. At the end of february he and his collegues breaked-up for the route in to Germany, that part of Germany called the Eifel and as destination the small city of Raeren.

My mother (her address in those day was Prins Hendrikstraat in Hoensbroek) had a close love-relation with this soldier Brooks. Now we're looking for many years for some answers: What is the first name of this liberation-hero Brooks, what is his day of birth and what is his town of birth. And specially: Did soldier Brooks survived this world-war II?

No way we can get answers on our questions.... we are searching for years, dozens of years....please, please, please, can anyone help us and giving us the answers. Maybe soldier Brooks is stille alive and reads this, that would be a miracle, or is there a old-collegue of this soldier brooks who can help???/ We would be very kind to heare.

Possibly are the next records correct and was soldier Brooks during the first two months of 1945 a member of the  

4045th or 4046th Quartermaster Truck Company (colored) 

of the 9th US Army

This could be the company of our dear mister Brooks.  Please help us, if you can

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