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Revolutionary War 1
1761 1

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John Herrell 1
1761 1

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  1. Contributed by robertaestes


John HARROLD was born circa 1761 in Frederick County, Virginia. The first record of him is from a Register of Description of Noncommissioned Officers and Privates enrolled at Albermarle Court House dated 23 December 1781in which he is described as: "John HARRELL, age 20, born in Frederick Co., VA, 5 ft. 10 in. tall, brown hair, grey eyes, fair complexion, occupation planter, residing in Montgomery Co. VA, engaged as a substitute from Montgomery Co." It is believed from available records that John HARROLD served as a sergeant in the 8th Virginia Infantry Regiment of the Continental Line. He enlisted on 1 March 1777 and was discharged near Salisbury in February 1782 after serving two terms of enlistment. It appears that he was the same John HARROLD who later received bounty land warrant # 6718 and moved to Wilkes County, North Carolina. He received land grants number 1246 and number 2421 for 200 acres of land on the Chinquepon Branch of the Hay Meadow Creek bordering Michael MCDOWELL's line. The survey was entered 16 November 1801 and was actually recorded in Feb 1802.


VA State Library, Archives Division, Military and Land Warrants Records for John HARROLD show he served 3 yrs as a sergeant in VA Continental Line, 8th VA Regiment from Botetourt Co. He was discharged June 1777 near Valley Forge then served a 2nd time for 18 months in the 8th VA Regiment and was discharged near Salisbury, Feb 1782. In 1819 he lived in Wilkes Co., NC and in 1828 was still there when he received bounty land warrant #6718 for 200 acres.

The National archives cannot find his file.


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