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    Elliott Bulloch Roosevelt (February 28, 1860 — August 14, 1894) was the father of Anna Eleanor Roosevelt and the brother of US PresidentTheodore Roosevelt. Elliott and Theodore were of the Oyster Bay Roosevelts. Eleanor later married their Hyde Park distant cousin and future US President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882—1945).

    Elliott was the third of the four children of Theodore Roosevelt, Sr. (1831—1878) and Martha Stewart "Mittie" Bulloch (1835—1884). In addition to elder brother Theodore Jr. (1858—1919), he had a younger sister named Corinne (1861—1933) and an elder sister named Anna (1855—1931), who was known as "Bamie". Through his mother, he was a nephew of Irvine Stephens Bulloch (1842—1898) and half-nephew of James Dunwoody Bulloch (1823—1901), who were Civil War Confederate veterans and accompanied Elliott when he left Europe in 1892 to admit himself into an asylum in Virginia.[1]Elliott had a competitive relationship with his older brother. At a young age, Elliott was academically more successful than Theodore; however, he was eventually surpassed by his older brother. This competition would continue into the next generation with their own daughters. Elliott maintained a charming and winsome personality all his life, which masked a growing drinking problem that started at a young age.

    Elliott was Theodore's best man on October 27, 1880, on Theodore's first marriage to Alice Hathaway Lee. In 1883,[2] Elliott married Anna Rebecca Hall (1863—1892), the eldest daughter of Valentine Gill Hall, Jr. and Mary Livingston Ludlow. They had three children:

    • Anna Eleanor Roosevelt (October 11, 1884 – November 7, 1962), called Eleanor
    • Elliott Bulloch Roosevelt, Jr. (Autumn 1889 – May 25, 1893), who died from diphtheria
    • Gracie Hall Roosevelt (June 28, 1891 – September 25, 1941), called Hall

    After this point, Elliott Sr. developed a "casual drinking" problem, which soon became alcoholism, an affliction to which his son Hall later succumbed.

    Due to his drinking problem, Elliott was exiled to Abingdon, Virginia, where he would constantly write letters, mostly to Eleanor. Eleanor later recalled that on his many horseback riding expeditions with the young children in Virginia, he became attached to "one girl in particular of whom I was jealous." On occasion, he would, to the jubilation of Eleanor, return home for a few days. Theodore Roosevelt became the conservator for his spendthrift brother.

    At the age of 34, Elliott attempted suicide by jumping out a window; he survived the initial fall, but suffered a seizure and died a few days later. It is unknown why he attempted to kill himself.

    Elliott fathered a son with Katy Mann, a young servant girl employed by Anna. His brother sent a detective who specialized in likenesses to look at the child and subsequently the Roosevelts settled out of court for $10,000. The sum was placed in a trust, but according to the Manns the child never received a dime, the money having apparently been looted by Katy's lawyers. There was some correspondence between Eleanor Roosevelt and her half-brother Elliott Roosevelt Mann (c. 1890—1941).[3][4]

    Elliott's grandson and namesake, Elliott Roosevelt (1910—1990), the third son of Eleanor and Franklin, became a war hero and author.

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