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Revolutionary War 1
22 Feb 1744 1

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captain john medearis 1
22 Feb 1744 1

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  1. Contributed by VictoriaC


Captain John Medearis

Captain John Medearis was my 5th g-grandfather. He served this country with (1st President) George Washington  and gave a lot to the war effort. He was very instrumental in obtaining supplies during that harsh winter on the Potomac. Later as a payment for services he was given a large land grant in TN. He named Homestead as "Liberty" and as of today the old house still sits today where there is a historical marker.

He enlisted into the Revoluntary Army in the North Carolina Continental Line.  He made 1st LT . 3rd NC, on April 15, 1777. and later became a Captain.

John went on to marry, had 5 children, and lived a very long a prosperous life. He died on March 31, 1834 in TN at the age of 90. These facts are of family history and also there are transcripts of his that can be found In the "Colonial Records of North Carolina" and info on Wiki-Pedia.

We have had a family member of every war that the US has been in since this one...We are a Proud military family and would like to say THANK YOU TO all vets...Without you we wouldn't be the  great country we are...

Victoria Larrow-Ciolek Nov. 2013

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