William Anthony Berry

William Anthony Berry - Stories

Spanish-American War · US Marine Corps · Corporal

    His Grandfather is John Berry -Citizen of the Republic of Texas and his son is  Earle William Berry and his cousin is Audie Leon Murphy.

      The Certif No: 363 states: In recognition of the Patriotism,Valor, Loyalty and Devotion of Her Sons who Enlisted Under the Flag for the Spanish American War and Served their Country in the Camps, the Trenches and on the Battlefields of Cuba and the Philipppines. Does Hereby present to William A. Berry Company C 1st Regt. Colorado Infantry, U.S.V. A Medal of Bronze Accompanying this Certificate as a Token and Testimonial of Her Gratitude and Esteem for his Services, his Sacrifices and the Courageous Discharge of his Duties as AN AMERICAN SOLDIER. This Certificate is No.363 and is given under my hand and the Great Seal of the State, this First day of December A.D. 1899. Attest Elmer F Beckworth Secretary of State and Charles S. Thomas Governor.