Conflict Period:
World War II 1
22 Dec 1921 1

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Nello Renic Arterburn 1
22 Dec 1921 1

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Nello Renic Arterburn, born 22 Dec 1921 in Monroe County, Kentucky.
Son of Samuel Augusta Oren "Gus" Arterburn and Lura Catherine Turner.
Married Dorothy Mae Schaumburg in 1943.   Served in the 517th Paratrooper Regiment Combat Team, 3rd Battalion, Company G as a Staff Sergeant.  Member of "Band of Brothers".  Father of 5 children, Michael Nell, Ricard Allen, Donald Ray, James Brian and Patricia Kay Tomnay.   Died 17 Jun 1985 in Clinton, Iowa.   Named after little boy in the book and movie, "Dog of Flanders".   Greatest father in the world.  Loved all sports, excellent card player, bowler, golfer, etc.  Loved his family dearly.  Buried in Clinton Memorial Cemetery in Clinton, Iowa.

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