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World War II 1
28 Aug 1915 1

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john will jackson 1
28 Aug 1915 1

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  1. Contributed by jjackson62


Inducted US Army  13 Oct 1942 at Jefferson Barracks  St Louis, Missouri.  Honorable Discharge 16 Sep 1945 at Fort Sheridan Chicago, Illinois. Departed U.S. 23 Mar 1944 arrived Euporean Theatre (England) 3 April 1944.  Jun 1944 Deployed from England and Landed Normandy D-Day Plus 6coast of France . Wounded and captured at San Lo France July 7, 1944.  Was a German POW in Stalag 12-A and Stalag III-C  from July 7, 1944 until  January 1945 when he was liberated from Stalag3-C by the Russian Army. A Squad Leader of Company L. 357th Infantry, 90th Division. He was the leader of  60 man mortar and rifle squad for Infantry  Regiment in the US and European Theatre of Operation.  Supervised combat activities of 12 men, moved, set up, maintained and fired 60mm mortar.  Also armed and skilled with 30 cal Military rifle. Gave voice and Telephone commands for firing Mortar. Separation from Army 16 Sep 1945. Debriefing statement given to Army after returning state side.  "On 7 July 1944 I was a member of Company L, 357th Infantry, 90th Division. I was captured on this date by the Germans near St Lo, France. My Battalion was ordered up to the line to relieve the 1st Battalion with the 358th Infantry. We were given the order to attack. When we preceded too far, we found ourselves with no support and surrounded by Germans where I was wounded and finally taken prisoner by the Germans.  Sgt George Smith and Sgt Theodore Mason were captured with me." Written by John Will Jackson on 4 July 1945 at Hot Springs Arkansas Army Ground and Services  Forces Redistribution Station.  Ssgt Jackson was a POW in Stalag 12a and transferred to Stalag IIIc  from 7  July, 1944 until 27 January 1945 when he was liberated from Stalag 3c. He traveled through Russia and South until he eventually ended up in Egypt He departed Egypt via ship 30 Mar 1945 and Arrived USA 9 April 1945. His Battle Campaigns were in Normandy, France, and Rhineland. He received Good Conduct Medal, Purple Heart Medal, Bronze Star Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Theatre Ribbon with 3 Bronze Battle Stars and 2 Overseas bars.  He was wounded in action 7 July 1944 at St Lo France and received the Purple Heart for his wound and received the Bronze Star for his action at San Lo.

Army #37391195 Company L 357th Infantry 90th Division (Tough Ombres) POW Stalag IIIC.

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