Marcelino Corniel

Marcelino Corniel

Iraq War · US Marine Corps · Lance Corporal
Iraq War (2003 - 2011)
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Iraq War


Marine Corps


Lance Corporal

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United States of America

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    Sergeant Marcelino Corniel

    Sergeant Marcelino Corniel
    Company A, 1/184th Infantry Battalion

    It is with deepest sympathy that I announce the death of Sergeant Marcelino Corniel, age 23, on 31 December 2005 , in Baghdad, Iraq. He is survived by his mother Janice Lopez, fiancé Claudia Calderon, sisters Kristen and Kimberly, and grandmother Geraldine.

    Sergeant Corniel enlisted in to the United States Marine Corps on 31 July 2000 and served four years on active duty. He was an excellent Marine, as evidenced by numerous letters of commendation, certificates of appreciation and awards. After completion of his active duty he joined the California Army National Guard on 17 June 2005 and volunteered to deploy to Iraq to further serve his country. He became a member of Alpha Company, 1/184th Infantry and impressed others with his professionalism and experience. He was quickly adopted as a member of the team, known to his friends as “Ronnie” and he had a big impact on his fellow soldiers. He is remembered as a “selfless and giving person”, and as a former marine who could always make others laugh with his stories and experiences. Sergeant Corniel’s awards include the Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart, Good Conduct Medal, Global War on Terrorism Medal, Iraqi Campaign Medal, Combat Infantryman Badge, Sea Service Deployment Ribbon and California Memorial Medal.

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