Conflict Period:
Vietnam War 1
Marine Corps 1
Corporal 1
30 Sep 1947 1
Georgia 1

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Personal Details

Artis Wilbur Meadows 1
Hometown: Atlanta 1
30 Sep 1947 1
Georgia 1
Male 1

Vietnam War 1

Marine Corps 1
Corporal 1
Service Start Date:
1967 1
Service End Date:
1968 1
Casualty Cause:
Hostile, Died 1
Casualty Date:
07 Apr 1968 1
Casualty Place:
Quang Tri 1
Casualty Reason:
Gun, Small Arms Fire 1

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Thank you Cpl.for your service to this great nation and to our Corps.

THE WALL Standing here in front of the Wall
silently reading your name
solemnly I thank you one and all
Each of you different, yet the same The list seems forever endless
but I remember your faces
you made the supreme sacrifice, I confess
as I walk slowly with measured paces Each one of you answered the call
willingly or not, you gave your lives
Rest easy, my Brothers - heroes all
The Nation still survives
"War drew us from our homeland In the sunlit springtime of our youth. Those who did not come back alive remain in perpetual springtime -- forever young -- And a part of them is with us always." --- Author Unknown --- God Bless  You      

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