Benjamin Mankin

Benjamin Mankin

Civil War (Confederate) · Confederate Army
Civil War (Confederate) (1861 - 1865)


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Thirty-sixth Infantry (Second Kanawha Infantry)

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Conflict Period

Civil War (Confederate)

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Confederate Army

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United States of America

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Stories about Benjamin Mankin

The 36th Infantry Regiment Virginia

    Benjamin Mankin was part of the Thirty Sixth Infantry Regiment. This regiment was organized in July of 1861 and was previously known as the second Kanawha Regiment[1] . If fought mostly in western Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. They fought at Cross Lanes and Carnifax Valley. The Thirty Sixth Infantry Regiment was assigned to Floyd’s Brigade, although originally it was Wise’s Brigade. In August 1861, Floyd’s Brigade (the 45th Virginia and the 50th Virginia) moved into present day West Virginia, specifically the Kanawha Valley, and was joined by the 36th Virginia and the 22nd Virginia as well. Floyd ordered an attack on the seventh Ohio Infantry at Carnifax Ferry, on August 25, 1861. Floyd’s Brigade and Wise’s Brigade easily defeated the Ohio soldiers. They ended up making a camp there, and remained at Carnifax Ferry until September 10. However, a Union brigade under General William S. Rosecrans in the Battle of Carnifax Ferry drove off Floyd’s Brigade[2] . The infantry then moved to Tennessee. While in Tennessee, the 36th Virginia escaped surrender and then served in McCausland’s and T. Smith’s brigade back in Virginia. They later fought at Cloyd’s Mountain and Piedmont, as well as Early’s Shenandoah Valley Operations. The 36th fought its last battle at Waynesboro. At Fort Donelson, it was reported that 14 were killed and 46 were wounded. Moreover, there were 18 killed, 58 wounded, and 35 missing at Cloyd’s Mountain. In mid- April of 1865 the 36th infantry disbanded. John McCausland, Thomas Smith, Lieutenant Colonels William E. Fife, Benjamin R. Linkous, and L. Wilber Reid were all field officers of the Regiment[3] . Benjamin Mankin was part of Company C, or the Chapmanville Riflemen, those of this company typically being from Roane County.

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