Conflict Period:
World War II 1
Air Force 1
Second Lieutenant 1
02 Aug 1922 1
Texas 1

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Personal Details

Robert F. Bare 1
Hometown: Knettishall Air Station, England 1
02 Aug 1922 1
Texas 1
Male 1

World War II 1

Air Force 1
Second Lieutenant 1
Service Start Date:
1942 1
Service End Date:
1945 1
Casualty Cause:
Hostile, Died while Missing 1
Casualty Date:
07 Apr 1945 1
Casualty Place:
Germany 1
Casualty Reason:
Air Loss, Crash - Land 1
Wall Coordinates:
Plot R O 94 1

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The aircraft piloted by Lt. Bare was B-17G #43-38869, nicknamed "Paula Sue," from the 388th Bomb Group. This was the second mission for Lt. Bare's crew, but the aircraft had flown 47 missions prior to this one.

According to loading lists and 388th personnel rosters, the crew consisted of:

2 Lt Robert F. Bare      p
2 Lt James D. Westbrook    c-p
1 Lt Robert L. Sonnenberg    nav
Cpl George Shantz, Jr      togglier (bomb)
Sgt Vernon F. Hoffman      r/o
Sgt Samuel P. Ulmstead     eng
Cpl David S. Becker      rwg
Sgt Jesse B. Rorie, Jr.    tail gun
Sgt Ledrew R. Strable     btg
     R. C. Pederson        MICK

Missing Air Crew Report 13723 is applicable.

Information from other accounts indicate the MICK position was used to denote radar observer.

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