Lori Piestewa

Lori Piestewa

Iraq War · US Army · Specialist

Piestewa was the first Native American woman in history to die in combat while serving with the U.S. military & the first woman killed in the 1st Gulf War.

Iraq War (2003 - 2011)


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Iraq War



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United States of America

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Fallen, but standing tall above us


    I never had a chance to personally meet you. I know most likely we crossed paths many time while we were at Camp Virginia. That camp had over 5,000 Soldiers there and it is easy to get lost in the crowd. Yesterday, I saw your name and immediately add myself to take care of your page. I was shocked no one had done it before. I plan someday to come out to Arizona and visit you.

    I wish I could have implored Chief Mata harder not to go so soon over the berm. It was totally needless, but everyone that had a guidon wanted to race north and plant it before the war was over and collect their medals. I would give all mine away to just bring all of you back.

    You and the others gave all and I salute you. I was just a guy who tried. I managed to divert a class VI convoy three days later from making the same mistake. I created thing that would have saved you as a log unit, but the rush to push every one north, missed units like your from have all the right things to keep you on track.

    I know at the end of the road I will finally meet you, so until then, thank you for your sacifice and you are the shining angel watching over us all.

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