B Garden Pringle

B Garden Pringle

Civil War (Confederate) · Confederate Army · Sergeant
Civil War (Confederate) (1861 - 1865)


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Conflict Period

Civil War (Confederate)

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Confederate Army

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Sixth Infantry (Mc-P)

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Service Start Date

14 Apr 1862

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Service End Date

13 Jun 1863

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Served For

United States of America

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Stories about B Garden Pringle

Biographical Sketch

    5th Sergeant Byardam Garden Pringle was born at Charleston, South Carolina 1823.

    He is listed among the graduates of the College of Charleston, class of 1834.

    In 1848, he and a W. Y. Paxton purchased the Charleston newspaper “The Evening News”; Pringle was an acknowledged writer and assumed the paper's editorial responsibilities.

    In 1849, he was appointed as a Magistrate of St. Philips and St. Michaels Parishes. In July 1850, Pringle terminated his short editorial career.

    His record disappears until January 3rd, 1861 when the sixty-nine members of Florida's secession convention assembled at the state capital at Tallahassee, where a motion was made for John C Pelot from Alachua County was called to the Chair and B. Garden Pringle of Gadsden County was requested to act as Secretary.

    He again drops from the record until he enlisted in Davidson’s Company on April 14th, 1862 at Chattahoochee, Gadsden County, Florida and appointed as 5th Sergeant. His description was given as 5’ 7” tall, hazel eyes, black hair, and dark skin.

    On May 1st, 1862 he was detailed as Clerk and private secretary to Colonel Jesse J. Finley, commanding the 6th Florida Regiment. He was present until November 15th, 1862 when he was awarded a furlough of 40 days; he did not return until about March 9th, 1863.

    On April 6th, 1863 he was detailed as a clerk to the Headquarters of the Department of East Tennessee at which he served until June 13th, 1863. On that date, he was granted furlough of 30 days, and from which he never returned.

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