Spear McCaskill

Spear McCaskill

Civil War (Confederate) · Confederate Army · Sergeant
Civil War (Confederate) (1861 - 1865)

Sixth Infantry (Mc-P)

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Conflict Period

Civil War (Confederate)

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Confederate Army

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Service Start Date

2 Apr 1862

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Service End Date

1 May 1865

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Served For

United States of America

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Stories about Spear McCaskill

From "REMINISCENCES of the BOYS IN GRAY, 1861-1865", Compiled by MISS MAMIE YEARY, Page 479

    "S. T. McCASKILL, Rising Star, Texas - Born April 14, 1845, near
    Eucheeanna, Fla.

    "Enlisted in the Confederate Army April 1, 1862., at that place, as private in Company H, Sixth Florida Infantry, Finley's Brigade, Bates' Division, Hardee's Corps, Army of Tennessee. McLean, first Captain, and Finley, first Colonel.

    "I was wounded at the battle of Bentonville, N. C., slight wound in the breast. I was promoted from private to Corporal, then to First Sergeant.

    I was in the battles of Danville, Chickamauga, Lookout Mountain and in all the battles from Dalton to Atlanta, Ga., Franklin and Nashville, Tenn., and the last at Bentonville, N. C.

    "Our company had 125 when we enlisted, and when the end came there were only "six of us" who surrendered, and I was one of that number. I had a brother who lost his right leg at the battle of Chickamauga, a cannon ball cutting it off five inches from the hip joint. My father went after him at Atlanta, Ga., and carried him home. He recovered, but was never able to get an artificial leg on account of the condition in which the surgeons left his wound."

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