George W Crawford

George W Crawford

Civil War (Confederate) · Confederate Army · Private E-1
Civil War (Confederate) (1861 - 1865)

Confederate Army

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Conflict Period

Civil War (Confederate)

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Sixth Infantry (Ch-F)

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Service Start Date

18 Apr 1862

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Service End Date

8 Mar 1865

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Company A ("Davidson's Company", "Florida Guards")

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Private E-1

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Served For

United States of America

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Stories about George W Crawford

Biographical Sketch

    Private George W. Crawford was born ca. 1844.

    He enlisted in Davidson’s Company on April 18th, 1862 at Rico’s Bluff, Liberty County, Florida as a substitute for a William King, who had enlisted on March 12th.

    He was present with the company from his enlistment date until October 10th, 1862 when he was left sick at Harrodsburg, Kentucky.  He was reported as absent without leave in Florida from that time until his return to the company about March 12th, 1863.  (He was in fact captured at Harrodsburg after Confederate forces withdrew, he is documented as awaiting exchange onboard the steamer “Maria Denning” near Vicksburg, Mississippi on November 15th, 1862.)

    He was present with the company from March 12th through July 9th, 1862; sometime between July 9th and October 31st, he was reported sick at Atlanta, Georgia and reported absent without leave.

    He was with the company at the Battle of Missionary Ridge on November 25th, 1863 and reported as missing in action.  He was admitted to [Federal] General Field Hospital at Bridgeport, Alabama on December 10th, 1863 due to a gunshot wound in his right arm.  He was transferred to [Federal] General Hospital No. 3 at Nashville, Tennessee on December 11th, arriving there on the evening of December 12th, and sent to the rest home on December 20th.  He remained there until March 20th, 1864 when he was released from the hospital and transferred to the [Federal] Military Prison at Louisville, Kentucky. He was transferred from there to Camp Chase, Ohio on March 24th, 1864 arriving there two days later.

    He was paroled from Camp Chase on February 25th, 1865 and transferred to City Point, Virginia for exchange.  He arrived at 3rd Division General Hospital Camp Winder, Richmond, Virginia On March 3rd, 1865.  He was transferred to Jackson Hospital, Richmond, Virginia on March 7th, 1865 and received a furlough of 30 days.

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