Samuel Fessenden

Samuel Fessenden

Civil War (Union) · US Army
Civil War (Union) (1861 - 1865)

1st Battalion, Light Artillery

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Conflict Period

Civil War (Union)

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2 Battery

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United States of America

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Gold Star


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Stories about Samuel Fessenden

    Son of Lincoln Cabinet Secretary, William Pitt Fessenden and brother to Generals James Deering Fessenden & Francis Fessenden, young 1st Lt. Samuel 
    Fessenden was mortally wounded at 2nd Bull Run, 31 Aug.,1862.  His inscribed Colt Mod. 1849 revolver, a gift from family friend and recent Mayor of 
    Portland, Maine, Jedediah Jewett would be returned to the family upon his death.
    Born in Portland, Maine in 1841,  Senator Fessenden’s  youngest son would, in his short lifetime, become a source of much concern to his father.  Difficult 
    to control and unwilling to stay at home and study Samuel ran away to parts unknown as a mere boy.  When word finally came that Sam was seeking 
    adventure in the lawless territory known in that time as  Bleeding Kansas, Senator Fessenden enlisted the aid of a western friend.  The boy was eventually 
    induced to return to Maine where he became a student at Bowdoin College.   Upon graduation in 1861 the adventurous twenty year old almost immediately 
    entered the military. He would carry his prize  Colt revolver from friend Jewett off to war on April 1, 1862  when the soon to be hard fought 2nd Maine 
    Battery left it’s local garrison at Ft. Preble for the seat of war.  On the afternoon of Saturday, August 30, 1862, while in the advance of his command, Lt. 
    Samuel Fessenden’s mount was killed under him and the Lieutenant was mortally wounded in the abdomen.  He would cling to life for thirty-eight hours 
    until he passed at seven o’clock in the morning on Monday Sept. 1, 1862.  His body was buried soon after his death but as the son of one of the Union’s 
    more prominent figures was exhumed under flag of truce to be returned to Portland, Maine for services at his father’s home and final internment in the 
    family plot.

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