Conflict Period:
Civil War (Union) 1
Army 1
14 Jul 1827 2
Black Rock, New York, 2
03 Jun 1864 2
Cold Harbor, Virginia 2

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Peter Augustus Porter 2
Full Name:
Peter A Porter 1
14 Jul 1827 2
Black Rock, New York, 2
Male 2
03 Jun 1864 2
Cold Harbor, Virginia 2
Cause: He died in the Battle of Cold Harbor. 2
Oakwood Cemetery, Niagara Falls, New York 2

Civil War (Union) 1

Army 1
F&S 1
Discharge Rank:
Col 1
Enlistment Rank:
Col 1
Military Unit:
8th Heavy Artillery 1
New York 1

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  1. Civil War Service Index - Union - New York [See image]
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To Honor Heroic Deeds

Recently a very precious medal of solid gold, about two inches in diameter, was discovered by someone in southern Illinois.  Photographs were posted on a Civil War website and it was requested that someone give more information.  My heart raced when I saw this…not for the gold…but for the sentiment behind this artifact of Niagara Falls history.  For this beautiful Tiffany and Company medal was a remembrance of one of Niagara’s finest men, Col. Peter A. Porter.

The medal originally was struck in honor of the five men who were present at the Battle of Cold Harbor back in June of 1864.  This medal, in particular, (found in Illinois) had been presented to John Morris Duff of Hartland, New York.  He and the four others served with the 8th Heavy Artillery during the Civil War in one of the bloodiest battles ever fought on American soil.  Col. Porter, who was beloved by all of his men, for his humanity and courage, was killed and his body left behind enemy lines.  In a moment of bravery, five of his men volunteered to retrieve his body–all while under fire.  They were able to bring his body back and because of these men Col. Peter A. Porter was returned to Niagara Falls and his body respectfully laid to rest behind the gates of the Porter family plot at Oakwood Cemetery.  Another of Oakwood’s residents, LeRoy Williams, was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his involvement in this very feat.

Following the war, the very exclusive Century Club of New York City, of which Col. Porter was a member, presented these men with these special engraved medals.  Below are images of the medal struck for John Morris Duff.

At present the monetary value of this work of art is unknown, but to those of us who know the story behind the man, Col. Peter A. Porter, and those who served beside him, this is priceless.

8th New York Heavy Artillery

The monument to the 8th New York Heavy Artillery Regiment is on the west side of the National Cemetery. (37.589062° N, 77.279969° W; map) It was erected in 1909 by the State of New York.


The top of the eleven foot high monument has a round tablet of the Seal of the State of New York. At the base of the monument the crossed cannon symbol of the artillery support the trefoil symbol of the Second Corps. The dates 62 and 65 when the regiment was mustered in and out are surrounded by laurel leaves on each side of the base.


From the front of the monument:


New York


Eighth N. Y. Heavy Artillery
Col. Peter A. Porter
4th Brigade, 2D Division, 2D Corps
Army of the Potomac

Roll of Honor
Killed or died of wounds received in the
Battle of Cold Harbor, Va., June 3, 1864
Col. Peter A. Porter


Gardner, Alex Capt.Co. I

Brown, Fayette S. Lieut. Co. B

Caldwell, Joseph W. " Co. A

Campbell, Oliver M. " Co. M

Gladden, George W. " Co. M

Hard, Wallace B. " Co. K


Agett, James, Jr. Co. I

Albert, John " M

Austin, Edgar " C

Avery, James " I

Barber, Ryan A. " K

Barker, William, Jr. " M

Bateman, Charles A. " C

Bauman, William, Jr. " F

Beals, Benjamin O. " M

Bennett, J.A. " E

Benson, Harvey J. " M

Bishop, Andrew J. "B

Boomhower, Conrad " M

Bordwell, Hiram E. " D

Bowman, John " B

Braat, Cornelius " C

Brewer, James " B

Briggs, Charles H. " E

Brown, William H. " E

Burgermeister, Frederick, " H

Caldwell, James H. " M

Calvert, Walter L. Co. I

Cartwright, Ezra " A

Cass, Allen W. " C

Churchwell, Cornelius " C

Clark, Henry T. " I

Clark, Olien " C

Clinch, John " M

Coe, Elwood " B

Comststock, Adelbert " E

Cooper, Peter L. " E

Cork, Eli " H

Cornell, Job " B

Curtis, Nathaniel B. " K

Day, George W. " B

Dolan, Peter " K

Duggan, Dennis " D

Egelston, Seneca J. " K

Elton, Washington " B

Fenner, Irwin " M

Fenner, William " H

Folk, John Jr. " I

Gors, Richard " F

Gowett, James " D

Hanretty, Patrick " C

Harrington, Horace R. " A

Hart, Charles M. " D

Helmer, Thomas " E

Herberger, John " G

Henning, Mortimer " E

Hillis, Charles " C

How, David H. " B

Howell, John " B

Hoyt, Edward " I

Ireland, William " B

Jacobs, Joseph " B

Johnson, Andrew H. " K

Johnson, George W. " B

Jones, Goerge R. " M

Jones John " M

Kent, John W. " E

Krager, Frederick " H

Lapworth, Andrew " B

Lindan, Anthony " F

Mann, James " A

Maynard, Gustavus L. " B

McDaniels, John " H

McDonald, Milo " K

Mehwaldt, Charles G. " B

Meyer, Theodore " B

Miller, William " M

Moore, William G. " G

Moran, Milo " M

Morasey, James " K

Morrison, Franklin E. " B

Murphy, Martin " D

Niles, Lucien J. " D

Olds, Alfred S." F

Palmer, Jerome " M

Passmore, Thomas G. " L

Pease, Spencer A. " I

Peterson, Nathan Z. " B

Pier, George W. " C

Poole, George F. " E

Putney, Horace " M

Quayle, Robert " M

Randall, Abial P. " A

Rausch, Peter " M

Reding, Nicholas " M

Reed, Pgden J. " C

Rinker, George W. " K

Rittenburg, Charles " E

Rivers, John " C

Robbison, Charles " F

Rogers, Elijah W. " F

Romer, Charles C. " B

Root, John " B

Rose, Benjamin J, " B

Saddleson, William H. " B

Scanlan, John " C

Seager, Charles " F

Senn, Jacob " B

Siebold, Joseph " M

Skidmore, Webster J. " H

Smith, William " C

Stevens, Harvey R. " L

Stevens, Riley " I

Stiles, Martin W. " B

Stock, Charles " A

Stone, William J. " E

Storrow, Joseph " B

Strouts, Edward " I

Tallman, Benjamin F. " H

Taylor, Edwin J. " B

Terrell, George W. " A

Tone, john A. " I

Torrey, John A " I

Van Tassel, Frederick " F

Walker, Robert, Jr. " H

Wall, James " H

Watson, William " B

Weber, Joseph " H

Welch, William " L

Henry, Weller " M

Whitman, Edward A. " H

Whitman, Charles E. " M

Wilcox, Emory " B

Willett, Alpheas G. " M

Wood, Frank " H

Wood, Thomas L. " C

Woodhull, George H. " M

Wylie, William H. " K

Zimmerman, John M. " H

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