Conflict Period:
War of 1812 1
Army 1

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Full Name:
John R Estes 1

War of 1812 1

Army 1
Discharge Rank:
Pvt 1
Enlistment Rank:
Pvt 1
Military Unit:
4 (Greenhill's) Virginia Militia 1
Virginia 1

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  1. War of 1812 Service Record Index [See image]


From "Abstract of Pensions of the Revolution, War of 1812 and All Wars Prior to 1883 of Claiborne County, Tennessee" compiled by Annie Walker Burns Page 78 - Section 69 [Typing errors are as found in the book] John R. Estes or John R. Estis: War of 1812, So. 2273, S.C.2147 Bounty Land Warratns 29686,40-50 and 52720-120-55 He served as a Private in Capt. Grief Barksdale's Company Virginia Militia, enlisted 9-1-1814, discharged 12-6-1814, residence of Soldier 1851, 1871 Claiborne Co. Tenn, at Tazewell, marriage of soldier and widow 11-25-1811 Halifax Co., VA., maiden name of widow was Ann Morre, death of soldier was 5-30-1885 Yellow Springs, Tenn. Soldier was age 83 when making application in 6th Civil District, he was discharged at Ellicotts Mills, Maryland 1814, Dec. He served in VA., and Maryland was under Col. Greenhill, Gen. Jol Leftridge, has the name of place of service disharge resided in Claiborne since March 1814. ...was probably Ellicott's Mills, MD.

John R. Estis died 1885, May 30, in 1851 John R. Estes age 63 states he was drafted in Halifax Co., VA., 1814, for six months, that he was with his company in Camp Ellicott and recd furlough in about 3 months and returned to his home in VA., and never afterwards returned to the army, states he received land warrant in 1850 and sold smae [same] to George Estus.

In a letter 1855 Tazewell Tenn, by Geo. H. Cheek to the pension comissioner he writes as follows:

Sometime in March last I prepared and sent to the pension office, the following application under the bounty land act of March 3, 1855 Hiram Hurst Sergeant in Capt Brock's Company Tenn Militia Mary widow of Joseph Walker, same company nancy widow of John Day Co. of Capt Dobkins Tenn Militia John R. Estes - Capt Barksdale Company Viriginia Militia All of which were duly received at the pension office and one numbered about

21 thousand not having heard anything from said applications whether they were suspended or that warrant had issued I have concluded that the warants may have been issued and missent. I theerefore respectfully request a that you will cause examination to be made to see if the warrants have been issued or not.?

War of 1812 veteran. Soldier's original #2273, certificate no 2147, bounty land warrants No 29686, 40-50 and 52720 - 120 acres in 1855. He served a sprivate in Capt. Grief Barksdale's company of Virginia Militia, enlisted Sept 1 1814 and discharged Dec 16 1814. Residence of soldier in 1851, 1871 Claiborne Co., Tn. at Tazewell. Marriage of soldier and widow Nov 25 1811 in Halifax Co Va. Maiden name of widow as Ann Moore. Death of soldier was May 30 1885 in Yellow Springs, Tn. Soldier was age 83 when making application in 6th civil district. He was discharged at Ellicott's Mill in Maryland in December 1814. He served in Va and Maryland and was under Col. Greeenhill, Gen Joe Leftridge and has the name of place of service discharge. Resided in Claiborne Co. Tn since March 1814 and was proabbly Ellicot's Mills, Maryland. In 1851 he states that he is age 63 and was drafted in Halifax Co. Va. in 1814 for 6 months. That he was with his company in Ellicott and received furlough in about 3 months and returned to his home in Va. and never afterwards retruned to the army. States he received land warantt 1850 and sold same to George Estus.


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