Conflict Period:
Civil War (Union) 1
Army 1
01 Feb 1835 2
Groton New London County CT 2
27 Dec 1912 2
Mystic New London County, CT 2

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Warren Wightman Packer 2
Full Name:
Warren W Packer 1
01 Feb 1835 2
Groton New London County CT 2
27 Dec 1912 2
Mystic New London County, CT 2

Civil War (Union) 1

Army 1
G 1
Discharge Rank:
Colonel 1
Enlistment Rank:
Capt 1
Military Unit:
5th Infantry 1
Connecticut 1

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  1. Civil War Service Index - Union - Connecticut [See image]
  2. Contributed by bruceyrock632


Civil War Union Army Officer. He entered the Union Army with a commission of Captain and commander of Company G, 5th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry on July 22, 1861. He led his company in the Spring and Summer 1862 Battles in Virginia, and was wounded in the right thigh at the Battle of Cedar Mountain, Virginia on August 9, l862. He received a promotion to Major of the unit dated the day of the battle, and was advanced to Colonel and commander of the regiment in January 1863 after the resignation of Colonel Geoge D. Chapman (who left the service due to severe illness). At the May 1863 Battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia he was captured by Confederate forces, and remained in their hands until paroled on May 23rd. When a proper exchange was enacted for him in June 12, he returned to his unit, who he led at the Battle of Gettysburg in July 1863. In July 1864 he assumed command of his brigade (1st Brigade, 1st Division, XX Army Corps), and led it in a number of occasions between July and October of that year. On October 24, 1864 his enlistment expired, and he was honorably mustered out of Federal service, having served three full years in the field, and seeing much combat. After his return home he served as Postmaster of Mystic, Connecticut for 17 years.

12th Army Corps


The monument to the Twelfth Army Corps is south of Gettysburg on Slocum Avenue (top right). A headquarters marker is on Baltimore Pike (middle right).

The Twelfth Corps was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Major General Henry W. Slocum (USMA '52) a lawyer and state representative from New York.

Monument map: South Culp's Hill   

From the monument:

Army of the Potomac 
Twelfth Corps
Major General Henry J. Slocum
Brigadier General Alpheus S. Williams

First Division Brigadier General Alpheus S. Williams
Brigadier General Thomas H. Ruger
Second Division Brigadier General John W. Geary
Artillery Brigade Lieutenant Edward D. Muhlenberg
Provost Guard Tenth Maine (Four Companies)

July 1. Marched from near Littlestown to Two Taverns by the afternoon. Hearing the 1st and 11th Corps were engaged at Gettysburg the Corps advanced on the Baltimore Pike. Williams' Division to a position east of Rock Creek Geary's Division to the left of Union line extending to the summit of Little Round Top.

July 2. In the morning the Corps took position on the right of 1st Corps on a line extending from the top of Culp's Hill southeasterly across the low meadow into McAllister's woods. Later in the day the Corps exceptGreene's Brigade was withdrawn to support the left of the Army Johnson's Confederate Division at night advanced under cover of darkness and took possession of the works on the Corps Line on right of Greene's Brigade. About midnight the Corps returned and findingJohnson's Division in possession of the works formed line in front of that Division.

July 3. Before 1 A. M. the artillery of the Corps andRigby's Maryland Battery from Reserve Artillery in all 26 guns were so placed as to command the line occupied by Johnson's Division and at daylight opened fire under cover of which the infantry was advanced and attacked the Confederate position and after a contest lasting seven hours recaptured the works. Many prisoners and 5,000 small arms were captured. In the afternoon the Corps was in readiness to move.

July 4. Gen. Slocum in the morning advanced with a detachment of Ruger's Division and a battery and found that the Confederates in front had retired.

Casualties Killed 18 Officers 186 Men Wounded 43 Officers 769 Men Captured or Missing 2 Officers 64 Men Total 1082

From the marker:

Army of the Potomac
12th Corps Headquarters
Major Genegral
Henry W. Slocum
July 1, 2, 3, 4, 1863

were located on Powers Hill
260 yards westerly


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