Conflict Period:
Revolutionary War 1
Army 1

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Samuel Ware 1

Revolutionary War 1

Army 1
Seventh Regiment 1
Virginia 1

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Sgt. Samuel Ware of Middlesex Co. Va.


Samuel Ware of Middlesex Co., Va., presented a Letter of Attorney, giving
John B. Jesse, power of attorney to apply for a Land Warrant from the Land Office, State of Virginia, with a Certificate for acreage.
Filed  28 Nov. 1811 Middlesex Co., Va.
RW Bounty Warrant, Reel 28, Proof of service of Samuel Ware
Richmond, 17th Dec. 1811, Recd. of the Register of the Land Office a Warrant for 200 acres of land
No. 5986, issued this day to Sam. Ware.
Atteste                                                                                                     John B. Jesse
                                                                                                                Attorney for
Wm Munford                                                                                           Saml. Ware
Samuel Ware is entitled to the proportion of Land allowed a Sergeant of the Continental Line
for three years of Service.
                                            J. W. Pleasants
Council Chamber
Jan. 17 1811
Land Office Military Certificate #5986, issued to Samuel Ware dated 17 January 1811, frames 972-976
Note: John B. Jesse was a local attorney who lived in the Churchview area of Middlesex Co.
Samuel sold his Land Warrant to Benj. Ladd of New Kent Co., prior to 1816.

Transcribed by Wendell Ware, 3rd great grand son of Samuel.

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