Conflict Period:
Revolutionary War 1
Army 1
Private E-1 2
1758 2
02 Mar 1846 2
Wilcox County, Alabama 2

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Personal Details

Full Name:
John Garner 1
1758 2
02 Mar 1846 2
Wilcox County, Alabama 2
Matilda 2

Revolutionary War 1

Army 1
Private E-1 2
Military Unit:
Capt Handy Cavalry Co., Col. Henry Lee Regt., Virginia Line 2
Lee' s Regiment 1
Continental Troops 1
State Served :
Virginia 2

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Matilda Garner, widow of Revolution Patriot, John Garner issued Certificate # 5645 at Tallahassee, FL. on 03 Feb 1853

Tallahassee, Leon County, Florida

Garner, John

Spouse, widow Matilda

Service Number: Continental W. 8208 (Documentation Length: 58 Pages)

Pension Number: S. 25099, VA, Virginia

The State of Alabama,   Wilcox County

On this 27th day of July 1834---Personally appeared in open Court before the Honorable John W. Bridges, Judge of the County Court now in Session, John Garner a resident of said County & State, aged Seventy Six years, who being first duly Sworn according to Law, doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provisions of the Act of Congress, passed June 7, 1832.

That he enlisted in the United States, he believes in the year One thousand Seven Hundred & Seventy Six with Capt---Handy and served in the Regiment Commanded by Col. Henry Lee (the number of the Regiment he does not remember) but he served under the following named officers---to wit, Col. Henry Lee, Major---Agleston & Capt.---Handy & Lieutenant Manning, that he does not remember the precise time that he left the Service but he remembers that it was a short time after the surrender of Cornwallis. That at the time he entered the Service, he resided in Prince William County in the State of Virginia that he enlisted for and during the War, and that he Served from the time of his enlistment until he was discharged as above mentioned, the time that he Served, he believes, was a little over five years. After he enlisted he marched from his residence to Petersburg, in the State of Virginia where they remained a few days & then marched Southward into North and South Carolina, where they had frequent Skirmishing with the Tories. He was engaged in the attack which was made on the British and Tories in Georgetown in S. Carolina…He was engaged in the battle at Gilford under General Greene, in the battle he was wounded in the hand, which caused him to loose two of his fingers & had two others much disabled, after he was wounded, he still remained with the Army and returned from Gilford again into South Carolina, he was at the Seige at Ninety six and was in the neighborhood of Eutaw Springs at the time the battle there was fought but not having recovered from the wound recd. at Guilford he was not in the battle.

The declarant further States that at the time he was discharged that he was stationed near Bacons Bridge near Charleston, in Said State. He further States that under the Act of Congress of the 12th July 1812 entitled an act concerning Invalid Pensioners, he applied and has received a pension, and that his name is inscribed on the Pension Roll of the Georgia Agency and that his name is not on the Pension Roll of any other Agency. The declarant further states that he lost his discharge. Some years after the war he moved from Virginia to North Carolina…then went into South Carolina…then he moved into the State of Georgia…and the year 1818 he removed to Alabama in which State he now resides. The declarant further states the knowledge of the circumstances of his Service, has depended alone upon his memory, which he finds very defective…

Sworn to and subscribed his in open Court, the 27th day of July 1834 John X Garner and the said Court do hereby declare mark their opinion that the above named applicant was a Revolutionary Soldier and served as he states

J.W. Bridges

Judge of the C.C.


John Garner made further declarations Sept. 23, 1834 and March 3, 1835.


Widow of John Garner Va.

Certificate no. 5645. Florida Tallahassee

Issued at the rate of $100.00 per annum to commence February 3d, 1853. Certificate of Pension issued 31st day of Jan’y 1856 Act. February 3, 1853

Revy Widow File No. 8208.

Official Record

John Garner

Certificate no. 30549 Alabama, issued April 8, 1836 at the rate of $100.00 per annum, to commence on the 4th day of March 1831. Act of June 7, 1832. Agency Alabama.

Service: private cav. company commanded by Capt. Handy, regt. commanded by Col. Lee in the Virginia line for 2 yrs.

Revolutionary Patriot, John Garner of Wilcox and Butler Counties, Alabama

Wilcox County, Alabama


Original data: Alabama Revolutionary War Residents, 1776-1783. Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama.

Source Description

This collection contains biographies, news clippings, and cards in paragraph form detailing persons who were residents in Alabama during the Revolutionary War in America.

1840 U.S. Census, Wilcox County, Alabama, John Garner, Age 81, Veteran

Wilcox County, Alabama


Source Citation

Year: 1840; Census Place: Wilcox, Alabama; Roll: 16; Page: 312; Family History Library Film: 0002335

1835 Pension Roll, Butler County, Alabama - John Garner

Butler County, Alabama


1835 Pension Roll, Butler County, Alabama - John Garner

Revolutionary Pension Roll, in Vol. xiv, Sen. Doc. 514, 23rd Cong., 1st sess., 1833-34.

Pension Final Payment Voucher of John Garner states death date 2 March 1846

Mobile, Alabama

Page 1

Pension Final Payment Voucher of John Garner states death date 2 March 1846. Payment Agency is Mobile, Alabama.

GARNER, JOHN, age not given, a resident of Butler county; service not given because of the loss of papers by the burning of the office of the War Department, 1801 and 1814; enrolled on July 5, 1812; payment to date from January 29, 1812; annual allowance, $48; sums received to date of publication of list, $1,060.78; Acts Military establishment; transferred from Georgia from March 4, 1824.-Revolutionary Pension Roll, in Vol. xiv, Sen. Doc. 514, 23rd Cong., 1st sess., 1833-34. He resided in Wilcox county, June 1, 1840, with William H. Wait, aged 81.-Census of Pensioners, 1841, p. 149.

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