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Revolutionary War 1
Army 1

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Ezra Carpenter 1

Revolutionary War 1

Army 1
Thirteenth Regiment 1
Continental Troops 1

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*Erastus P. Carpenter address, delivered in the Town Hall, Foxboro, Massachusetts, before Post 91, GAR, May 31 1877.   My grandfather, Ezra Carpenter, was at work in a ditch on the land now owned by his son, Daniels Carpenter, when the "minute-men" were first summoned by the alarm, upon news of the Battle of Lexington. He dropped his tools, ran for his musket and knapsack, seized a parcel of bread and meat, bade goodby to his friends and started to join his company at Wrentham. Failing to find it there, he continued his march alone to Dedham and there, joining other comrades, they continued on and overtook the company at Roxbury.   He was at the siege of Boston, and there while doing guard duty had a narrow escape from a cannon-ball which came so close to him that he lost a portion of his shirt from his back and was thrown headliong to the ground being reported by a solder as killed.   He was a soldier of Putnams at Long Island, crossed the Delaware under Washington on Christmas Eve 1776. Wintered in 1776-1777 at Morristown and in 1777-17778 at Valley Forge.

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