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Leopold Caspari 1
Age in 1860: 29 1
France 1
Male 1
Estimated Birth Year: 1831 1
Place: Natchitoches County, Louisiana 1
From: 1860 1

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  1. Census - US Federal 1860 [See image]



Leopold Caspari
Hon. Leopold Caspari, president and general manager of the Natchitoches Railroad Company, was originally from France, where his birth occurred July 28, 1830, and is a son of David and Charlotta (Baruch) Caspari, natives also of France, the father born in 1800 and the mother in 1802. The parents both died in their native county, the former in 1873 and the latter in 1844.
Hon. Leopold Caspari, the eldest of six children, three now living, was educated in the land of his birth, and served two and a half years as an apprentice in a dry goods store prior to the Revolution of 1848. In 1849 he came to the United States, settled in Natchitoches Parish, La., and embarked in merchandising at Cloutierville, where he continued until 1858, after which he removed to Natchitoches. There he carried on merchandising and farming very successfully. In 1861 he joined the Pelican Rangers No. J., and entered the ranks with the title of second lieutenant. Subsequently he was commissioned captain and served the Confederacy faithfully and well for nearly four years.
Mr. Caspari was one of the leading spirits in the building of the railroad from this town, and has been president of the road since its construction. He is one of the most enterprising men in this part of the State. He affiliates with the Democratic party in his political views, and in 1884 was elected to the General Assembly from this parish and re elected in 1888. In 1884 he was instrumental in passing a bill for the establishment of the State Normal School at Natchitoches. During his legislative career he took an active part. For eight years was officially connected with the State Normal School, and he has ever been interested in all enterprises for the good of the parish.
He was married in 1862, to Miss Amanda Woods, who was born in this parish, and who died in 1883. Nine children were born to this union: Richard L., Samuel, Joseph, David, Emanuel, Charles, Gustave, Julia and Dora. Mr. Caspari is a member of the A.L. of H. and K. of P., and of the B'nai Brith, a Jewish order. He is a first class citizen and representative man of this part of the State. 

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