Civilian Contractor taken prisoner at Wake Island 1942-1945


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WWII Prisoner of War


23 May 1942-26 Sep 1945 Held at Fukuoka POW Camp #1 - Kashii (Pine Tree Camp) Kyushu Island 33-130.

Departed from the US in March 1941 by ship from San Francisco. Captured by the Japanese at Wake Island in December 1941.

He returned to the US by plane arriving at Hamilton Field, CA on 8 Oct 1945 according to the Overseas Manifest.

Warren received a subpoena from the President of the United States as a witness for the defense on 1 Oct 1948. His deposition was taken for use before a Military Commission of the US. This information comes from a Fold3 image #27422033 (a declassified WWII military document).

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