Memoriam of Major Beaz A. Aldi

Memoriam of Major Beaz A. Aldi

World War II · US Army · First Lieutenant

Beaz A. Aldi,age of 22, enlisted in the US Army Air Corps,on November 5 ,1941; at Camp Upton ,in Yaphank,NY. After "Bootcamp",Beaz was sent to Hondo,Texas; where he became an Aviation Technical Flight Specialist. After completion of his training, Sergeant Aldi had been a part of both the *8th Air Force{U.S. in 1944~(8th Air Force) planes strafe and bomb German convoys in the English Channel & installations at Brest and Calais}and also in the *20th Air Force Command ,(B-29's of the *20th Air Force, fly from India to bases in China where landing strips are built.)which had been involved in the China-Burma-Indo Theater,in WWII.( B-29's of the 20th Air Force fly from India to bases in China where landing strips are built.) After the end of WWII, Beaz had continued with the Air Force Reserves , during which time he had been awarded the titlte of "Major".Beaz had served in the US Air Force over 20+ yrs. At the age of 93,Beaz passed away on the 6th of June,2012(Ironically ,the Anniversary of "D-DAY").He was a beloved son,husband, father grand even a Great-grandfather~!Not to mention a treasured "friend' to all. Beaz, (Dad, you will forever be missed!) I love you ~ Always.

World War II (1939 - 1945)
Conflict Period

World War II

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Service End Date

26 Feb 1948

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Army Air Forces

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First Lieutenant

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Service Start Date

3 Nov 1941

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Served For

United States of America

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