John J. Munds

John J. Munds

Civil War (Union) · US Army
Civil War (Union) (1861 - 1865)
Conflict Period

Civil War (Union)

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United States of America

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Stories about John J. Munds

    John J Munds was married twice.  First to Rhoda (Roda) Jane Smith in 1860.  His military papers list her death "from War".  There were no children from this union.  John's second marriage was to Rebecca Lane in 1866.

    After the death of his first wife, John J Munds list his next of kin as Simon King.

    John J Munds and Rebecca Lane had the following children: John Owen Monds, Henry Monds, Joseph S Monds, Martha Arabella Monds, Delila M Monds, Jeanette Hulda Monds, Elsberry H Monds, Sarah Easter Monds, William R Monds, Mary J Monds, Charles E Monds and Thomas Francis Monds.

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