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Brief History

Halifax, VA

Leander A. Moorefield was born in Halifax County, VA on February 9, 1840.  He was one of Stephen & Eliza Wilmouth Moorefields sons to take up arms and serve honorably for the Confederacy during the War Between the States.


On November 22, 1860, Leander married Elizabeth F. Wilmouth, a daughter of  Yancy & Susan Whitlow Wilmouth.  In 1861, the war began.  Even though Leander was a newly wed at the time, his patriotic duty and pride lead him to enlist in what he considered The War of Northern Aggression.  Leander never owned any slaves, but he felt that he had to protect his state and property from destruction by the Union Soldiers. 


Leander first enlisted at the age of 21, as a Private on May 28, 1861 at the Clover Depot in the Clover Rifles, Company H, 20th VA Infantry Regiment.  Upon enlistment, he was described as having a fair complexion, blue eyes with light hair, his height was 5 feet 7 inches.  He listed his residence as Halifax County and his occupation as a Carpenter.


He first saw action at Seven Pines, VA and then on June 26, 1861 at Laurel Hill, VA.  On July 11th while fighting in the Battle of Rich Mountain, WV, Leander was captured along with his brother, Elias, and they became Prisoners of War.  They were paroled of July 17th at Randolph County, WV and then discharged on November 1, 1861.


During 1861, Leander & Elizabeth became the proud parents of their first born son, James Calvin Moorefield.  After his discharge, Im sure that Elizabeth had hoped that his fighting days were over and that he was safely back home to stay. 


During the course of the war, the Northern Army of VA had sustained many casualties.  Leander decided once again to enlist on August 27, 1863 as a Private at Charlotte County, VA in the Charlotte Rifles, Company K, 18th VA Infantry Regiment, under General Pickett. 


During his second enlistment he was involved in nearly every major campaign in VA, and one in Martinsburg, WV.


He was still listed on the rolls December 31, 1864, but there is no Military Service Record after this date.


Leander returned home after the war and he & Elizabeth had 6 more children:  Leroy, Andrew Jackson, Josephine, L. (died at one day old), William Charles & Ida Belle.  He resumed his trade as a Carpenter & Farmer for as long as he was able.  He filed for pension on May 17, 1900 because he was no longer able to work to support himself and his family due to rheumatism, old age and exposure during the war.  This pension was finally granted on June 9, 1902.


Leander died May 24, 1910 in Halifax County, and is buried on a Wilmouth Family Farm in Scottsburg, VA.  Leander A. Moorefield left behind a legacy of service to the Southland that should ALWAYS be remembered with pride.

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