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Isaac VanBibber and Sarah Davis
John VanBebber and Margaret Chrisman
Isaac VanBebber and Mary Martin
James Claiborne "Santiago" VanBibber and Anestaria Flores
~Richard "Ricardo" VanBibber and Marina Nieto~
~James "Santiago" VanBibber and Elvira Recio~
Louis Eliud VanBibber and Angelica Garza

Louis Eliud Van Bibber born December 8, 1921 in Baytown, Harris County, Texas. He died on November 22, 2002. He married Angelica Garza born May 26, 1927 and died on May 10, 2001. His Father was James "Santiago" Van Bibber.

James Claiborne Van Bibber who was born in February of 1897 in Mexico and died September 27, 1947 in Mexico. James spent his life living between Mexico and the state of Texas. While living in Texas he went by the name of James. This is evident as he was recorded as James on the 1930 census living in Houston, Harris County, Texas. While living in Mexico he went by the name of Santiago which is the Mexican/Spanish version for James. My grandfather married Elvira Recio who was born on January 30, 1888 in Mexico and died in 1984 in Houston. To this marriage were three sons, Louis, David and Robert. On the 1930 census it states James was born in Mexico along with his parents.

James C. can be located on the 1850 census of Webb County, Texas. This county is right along the Mexican border and is where the present day town of Laredo is. He is living in the home of F. R. Taylor. James is listed as being 33 years old, born in Tennessee and his occupation is listed as clerk. The name is spelled "Van Bibber." This census can be viewed on the Van Bibber website under the 1850 census records. By the way, he is the only Van Bibber listed on the 1850 census for the state of Texas. There was a John Van Bibber who lived in Victoria, Texas, but he went to California for the gold rush. He eventually returned and this is where he died. John and James were 2nd cousins once removed and may very well have known each other even though one family was from Greenup County, Kentucky while the other was from Claiborne County, Tennessee. Eventually James C. would return to Tennessee as he enlisted in the US Army on June 15, 1846 at Memphis to serve for a term of 12 months. The Mexican War was from April 25, 1846, when both forces clashed, until the peace treaty was signed on February 2, 1848. This means James C. did serve in the US Army during the Mexican War. As mentioned above, James C. is living in Webb County, Texas in 1850. In 1854 he authorizes John Van Bibber to collect all or any money that may be due to him within the state of Texas. The next information we have on James C. is where he was to receive $50.00 from the Last Will and Testament of his father, Isaac Van Bebber, Esq., that was written on January 31, 1859 in Claiborne County, Tennessee.
When the 1860 census was recorded for the state of Texas, James C. was not listed. I cannot find any additional information on him from the Texas records. What is very possible, after John was authorized to collect for him in 1854, James traveled over into Mexico to live. While there, he used the name Santiago and this is where he married Anestaria Flores, and lived the remainder of his life. A son, Richard "Ricardo" Van Bibber was born about 1861 in Mexico. With his father being an American citizen, and even though Richard was born in Mexico, it probably gave him the flexibility to move back and forth between the two countries which he did. Richard married Marina Nieto and they would have the son James, named after the grandfather. James also lived between the two countries and went by the name Santiago while in Mexico.

His Father was Richard Van Bibber. Once again, he spent time between Mexico and Texas. While in Mexico he went by the name "Ricardo." While in Texas he went by "Richard." His death certificate which states he died on January 24, 1926 in Houston, Texas. It states he was 65 years old and born in Mexico. Being 65 years old at his death, this puts him born about 1861. The death certificate states his parents were Santiago Van Bibber and Anestaria Flores, both being born in Mexico. Richard was married to Marina Nieto.
My grandfather Santiago Van Bibber lived in Musquiz, in the State of Choa-whe-la (phoenitic pronounciation), Mexico. He is buried there. He married my grandmother Elvita Rescio, who is buried here in Houston, as she lived out her life in our home.