Peter VanBibber, Jr. and Marguery Bounds
    Jacob VanBibber and Sarah Miller
    Ezekial VanBibber and Susan Rice
    Elizabeth VanBibber and (1)William Henry Nethercutt

    The true story begins with a Eugenis Nethercutt applying for a Widows Pension for the soldier William Henry Nethercutt.
    A search was begun to find out if William Henry Nethercutt had an undivorced wife in Ohio or Kentucky.
    In the meantime, Elizabeth Van Bibber had married Benjamin F. Williams

    Document # 4 - Shows no record of a marriage between Elizabeth Van Bibber Nethercutt and Benjamin F. Williams in Kentucky or Ohio. (She claimed to have been married in Ohio)

    Document #5 - Shows no record of divorce of Elizabeth Van Bibber and William Henry Nethercutt in Ohio.

    Document #6 - Shows no record of divorce of Elizabeth Van Bibber and William Henry Nethercutt in Kentucky.

    Document #9 - Elizabeth VanBibber Nethercutt Williams says she was the true wife and undivorced from William Henry Nethercutt, and on April 11, 1910 she applied for the Widows Pension and stated a wedding date of January 20, 1853.
    Document #11 - The deposition of Elizabeth VanBibber Nethercutt Williams says Nethercutt came home from the war and got in some trouble and left the country and she never heard for him or of him until 1904, when she heard he was alive and in Nebraska. She goes on to say that Benjamin F. Williams was killed from ambush in August of 1892 and his killers were never caught or punished. She further states that she and William Henry Nethercutt lived together as man and wife after he came home from the war, that he got jealous of a man and killed him and left the country and she never heard from him or about him for some 17 years when she got a letter from one of William Nethercutt's brothers telling her that he had been killed someplace out west and his wife had applied for a Widows Pension.

    Document #25 - Benjamin F. Williams, Jr. says his mother believed William Henry Nethercutt to be dead when she married Benjamin F. Williams.

    Document #41 - William Henry Nethercutt married and divorced two times in Nebraska before he married Eugenia.

    Document #52 - In a second deposition by Elizabeth Van Bibber Nethercutt Williams she said William Henry Nethercutt was living in adultery with another woman when a man told him he should not be doing that and should go home to Elizabeth and the kids. He got mad and killed the man. Nethercutt told Elizabeth (according to Elizabeth) the night he left that if she found a man who would treat her right to marry him because he had never treated her right. Elizabeth and Williams married 2 years and 2 months after Nethercutt left. Nethercutt gave their children to his brother to raise, as well as all of his property. Elizabeth kept the youngest by William Nethercutt (six months old) for 2 years and then sent him to live with his siblings.

    Document #61 - Elizabeth says Ben Williams was killed by Ike and Marion Whitaker, brothers to the two Witakers that had married her daughters.

    Document #73 - Son, William Nethercutt, Jr., says that Ben Williams had some trouble with George Whitaker and there was a grudge so the Whitaker brothers killed him.

    Both pensions were denied.
    Pension File Claim No. # 859545

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