Abbot, Joel. Midshipman, 18 June, 1812. Lieutenant, 1 April, 1818. Commander, 8 December, 1838. Captain, 3 October, 1850. Died 14 December, 1855. Officers of the Continental and U.S. Navy and Marine Corps, 1775-1900 about Joel Abbot Name: Joel Abbot Rank Information: Midshipman, Lieutenant, Commander, Captain Service Dates: 18 Jun 1812, 1 Apr 1818, 8 Dec 1838 Military Branch: US Navy Officers (1798-1900) Death Date: 14 Dec 1855

18 Jan 1793 1
Westford Middlesex County Massachusetts, USA 1
14 Dec 1855 1
Hong Kong 1

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Full Name:
Joel Abbot 1
18 Jan 1793 1
Westford Middlesex County Massachusetts, USA 1
Male 1
14 Dec 1855 1
Hong Kong 1

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Capt Joel Abbot Navy

Capt Joel Abbot Navy
Joel Abbot From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search This article is about United States Navy officer in the War of 1812. For the member of the United States House of Representatives from the state of Georgia, see Joel Abbot (politician). Joel Abbot Born January 18, 1793
Westford, Massachusetts Died December 14, 1855 (aged 62)
Hong Kong Allegiance  United States Service/branch  United States Navy Years of service (1812-1855) Rank Captain, Flag Officer Commands held captured pirate ship Mariana (1818)
Boston Navy Yard (1838)
USS Decatur (1843)
USS Macedonian (1852)
Flag Officer, East India Squadron (1854) Battles/wars War of 1812

Joel Abbot (January 18, 1793 – December 14, 1855) was a U.S. naval officer who served notably in the War of 1812, and commanded a squadron during Commodore Perry's 1852 visit to Japan.

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Born in Westford, Massachusetts, Abbot entered the Navy as midshipman at the beginning of the War of 1812, serving first on the frigate USS President and next on Lake Champlain with Commodore Macdonough, who, when he asked Abbot if he were ready to die for his country received the reply "Certainly, sir; that is what I came into the service for." Abbot was then ordered to enter the British lines as a spy and destroy a number of spars which had been stored at Sorel[citation needed]. For his success in this dangerous exploit, and for his bravery in the engagement at Cumberland Head on 11 September 1814, the young officer received a sword of honor from Congress and was commissioned a lieutenant. In 1818, he was given charge of the captured pirate ship Mariana.

Abbot was promoted to commander in 1838, and the following year was given command of the Boston Navy Yard.

In 1843 he took command of the sloop-of-war USS Decatur, one of Commodore Perry’s African squadron. On 3 October 1850, Abbot was promoted to captain. In 1852, when Commodore Perry was entrusted with power to select the officers to accompany him on his famous Japan expedition, he chose Captain Abbot in command of the sailing frigate USS Macedonian. In 1854, he was appointed Flag Officer of the East India Squadron. He died in Hong Kong in 1855.


Two ships of the US Navy were named USS Abbot in his honor.


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