13 Mar 1905 1
25 Feb 2003 1

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Clarence Lebarre 1
13 Mar 1905 1
25 Feb 2003 1
Last Residence: Lawton, OK 1
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Card Issued: Unknown Code (PE) 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-0130 1

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Clarence Lebarre and Ruth Anna Wymer

Cotton County, Oklahoma

This man is a son of John Frederick Lebarre and Emily Caldona Reeves (Dean).He was 1/4 blood Comanche.  His father, John Frederick Lebarre was 1/2 blood Comanche becausehis mother, Anna Koasechony Lebarre was considered to be full blood Comanche.    She mayhave been of Mexican origin, perhaps captured as an infant or young child and adopted intothe Comanche tribe.  Census records indicate that John Frederick Lebarre emigrated to the USA about 1875 and married Anna about 1877 perhaps in Webb county, Texas.  The Birth year for Anna is said to be 1863.  This family was in Clay county, Texas as shown in the 1900 census. They are later in Cotton and Comanche county, Oklahoma Territory.   John died in 1908. Anna died in 1956. 

The son, John Frederick Lebarre (jr?) married Emily Caldona (Reeves) Dean in Wichita county, Texas

in Jun 1902.   She had three children from her previous marriage.   She is said to have been born in Georgia. Three sons,  Eddwin, Clarence and Freddy (John Frederick).

Clarence married his first wife, Ruth Anna Wymer, at Ashland in Clark County, Kansas in Sept 1937. A daughter,    Sharon Ruth Lebarre, was born in Jan 1940.  Ruth divorced Clarence in
 Sept 1941. The divorce became final after 6 months.   Ruth returned to live near her parents at Protection, Kansas.  Ruth and her daughter, Sharon Ruth Lebarre later lived at Wichita Falls, Texas in 1941 and in Abilene, Texas in 1942 where Ruth married Hugh Hudson Melrose, a US Army soldier from Arboles, Colorado based at Camp Barkeley, Texas near Abilene.  Marriage date was 25 Dec 1942.  They had been pen pals before her marriage to Clarence in 1937.  Ruth became pregnant with twins, Wendell & Patricia, who were born at Ashland, Kansas  in Sept 1943.  She returned to live near her parents during the later stage of her pregnancy. Hugh's 90th Division, 357th Infantry Regiment, Co. G were at the desert training center at Camp Granite, California in Aug 1943 and at Ft. Dix, N.J. in Dec 1943. The 90th Division shipped overseas in March of 1944 to England arriving in April 1944.  This division landed on Utah beach in Normandy, France on D Day +2,  8 June 1944.  Hugh was KIA on 12 June 1944.  Ruth never remarried.  Ruth Anna (nee Wymer) Melrose died on 12 June 1990 at Dodge City in Ford county, Kansas.  She was cremated and her ashes placed in her second husband's grave in Hill Top Cemetery at Pagosa Springs, Colorado.




















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