13 Nov 1906 1
Jul 1979 1

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Full Name:
Roy Skipper 1
13 Nov 1906 1
Jul 1979 1
Last Residence: Epps, LA 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Louisiana 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-9868 1

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Roy Everett Skipper was born November 13, 1906 in Bienville Parish, La. His father was William James (Jimmy) Skipper and mother was Arrie D Franklin. His mother died in 1908 during childbirth. His father never remarried. Roy grew up with his father and grandparents, William James Madison and Martha Ann Lucas Skipper. Roy's father was an only son but Jimmy had 7 sisters. The "SKIPPER GIRLS" married men around Ringgold/Alabama Bend area. The "Skipper Girls" were:

Lizzie Neal Skipper who married F.E. Franklin
Addie Mae Skipper who married J.T. Nettles
Annie J Skipper who married W.B. McCoy
Maggie Skipper who married John S Shepherd
Ada F Skipper who married Leary Morrow
Mary Mollie Skipper who married J.C. Slack
Mattie Adeline Skipper who married Earvy Frank Bates

When Roy married Ada Beatrice Waites (on his 20th birthday) they stayed with "Ma and Pa" Skipper, caring for them until the time of their deaths.
Roy and Ada had four children.

William Everett (Bill) Skipper 1928-2012
George Washington (George) Skipper 1931-2004
James Franklin (Frank) Skipper 1937-2010
Dorothy A Skipper 1944-1987

All his children were born in the Ringgold Bienville Parish area. After the death of his grandparents, Roy moved to Epps, West Carroll Parish where he farmed with his Uncle Leary (Lee) and Aunt Ada Skipper Morrow. After a year of farming with Uncle Lee, Roy rented property and eventually purchased good farm land. Roy retired from farming and enjoyed his last years fishing, hunting and growing one of the best gardens in West Carroll Parish. Roy Everett Skipper began his new life July 26, 1979. He was laid to rest at Epps Cemetery, Epps Louisiana.

Written by Ann Skipper Boykin
Granddaughter of Roy Everett and Ada Beatrice Waites Skipper

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