• Salisbury, Essex Co., Mass

Corporal John Flanders.

Born on 11 Feb 1659 in Salisbury, Essex Co., Mass.

John died in Salisbury, Essex Co., Mass on 24 Dec 1716. Buried on 28 Dec 1716 in Salisbury, Essex, Mass.

Occupation: Deacon in the Church in South Hampton, NH.He died intestate. His estate was probated on 14 January 1716/17 in Salisbury, Mass, Guardians were appointed for the five younger children, they being minors. His estate was valued at £620 5/4d. From the inventory of his estate, we learn that he was ill about three months and that his eldest son, Jacob, had great trouble in getting wood and hay during his father's illness.He was also known as Deacon John Flanders. He settled first in Salisbury, then removed to South Hampton, New Hampshire. He was respected for his integrity and uprightness and granted the title of "Mr." John was a deacon of the church in South Hampton for many years. He became a freeman in April 1670 in Salisbury, Massachusetts. He was on 19 May 1676; in the Turner's Falls Fight. He was admonished along with his brothers, by the court and fined shillings for stealing 1100 red oak hogshead staves from the pasture of Nathaniel Ware in June 1679 in Salisbury, Massachusetts. He was signed the Norfolk County Petition in 1680. He was mentioned in the will of Steven Flanders 17 18 ,19 on 4 February 1683/84 in Salisbury, Massachusetts. He became a freeman on 18 April 1690 in Salisbury,Mass.

He was on 25 November 1702; serveing as corporal in the scouts under Capt. Henry True, Jr. against the Indians around Salisbury.

On 18 Jan 1687/1688 when John was 27, he married Elizabeth Sargent daughter of Thomas Sargent & Sarah Osgood, in Amesbury, Essex Co., Mass. Born in 1668 in Salisbury, Essex Co., Mass. Elizabeth died in Salisbury, Essex Co., Mass on 12 Sep 1713.
The parentage of Elizabeth is in doubt. She may have been Thomas Sargent's illegitimate daughter by Sarah Osgood, as Thomas' father, William, in his will mentions his "grand daughter Elizabeth, wife of John Flanders." There was a suit between Sarah Osgood and Thomas Sargent, but the court decided that there was "too much ground for suspicion,." but that the case was not proved.
4. i. JACOB3 FLANDERS, b. 5 August, 1689, Salisbury, Essex, MA; d. Aft. 1759, Salisbury, MA.
5. ii. JOHN FLANDERS, b. 22 August, 1691, Salisbury, MA; d. 25 October, 1745, South Hampton, NH.
iii. ELIZABETH ABIGAIL FLANDERS, b. 3 September, 1693, Salisbury, MA; d. 20 October, 1716, Salisbury, MA.
iv. EZEKIEL FLANDERS, b. 29 May, 1696, Salisbury, MA; d. 18 January, 1716/17, Salisbury, MA.
6. v. JOSIAH FLANDERS, b. 28 July, 1700, Salisbury, MA; d. 16 February, 1781, South Hampton, NH.
vi. PHILLIP FLANDERS, b. 19 October, 1702, Salisbury, MA; d. 30 April, 1780, South Hampton, NH; m. ABIGAIL FRENCH, 20 October, 1722, Salisbury, Essex, MA.
7. vii. JONATHON FLANDERS, b. 23 October, 1705, Salisbury, MA; d. Aft. 1748, South Hampton, NH.
viii. TAMESON FLANDERS, b. 9 January, 1705/06; d. Bef. 1732; m. HENRY FRENCH, 26 March, 1731, Salisbury, Essex, MA.
Her name is also seen spelled "Tamsin" and "Tamzen". Name may be Thomasine.
8. ix. HANNAH FLANDERS, b. 16 April, 1710, Salisbury, MA.
Source: "The Flanders Family from Europe to America", by Edith Flanders Dunbar
Buried: Central South Water St. Cemetery
Boscawen NH.