J.B. Davillier

J.B. Davillier

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STATE: Louisiana ENLISTED: 1864 SOLDIER'S RANK IN: Private REGIMENT NAMES: Eighth Battalion, Heavy Artillery The 8th Artillery Battalion was organized during the early spring of 1862 with men from the New Orleans area. Serving as heavy artillery and containing four companies, the unit was stationed at Forts Jackson and St. Phillip. Later, it was ordered to Mississippi and attached to the Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana. Garrisoned at Vicksburg for more than a year, it was captured when the city fell in July 1863. That December, only 42 men were present, and they moved to Mobile, AL. Here, the battalion served at Forts Gaines and Morgan, and in August 1864, most were captured. The unit no longer existed. Its commanders were Lieutenant Colonel William E. Pinkney and Major Frederick N. Ogden. Second Battalion, Heavy Artillery The 2nd Artillery Battalion was formed at Alexandra, LA, during the fall of 1863 with three companies, later increased to four. Serving in the Trans-Mississippi Department, it was stationed on the Red River near Shreveport until the spring of 1864. The unit was then ordered to man the heavy guns at Columbia, LA, and later served on the Ouachita River. It was included in the surrender on June 2, 1865. Lieutenant Colonel George W. Logan was in command.

Civil War (Confederate) (1861 - 1865)
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Confederate Army

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Civil War (Confederate)

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Private E-1

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