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William Alexander Goggans

Richmond County, VA

The Jacksonville Reporter

 From the Jacksonville Republican, June 8, 1852 (History of Haralson County, Lois Newman)

GOGGANS. ALEXANDER. William Alexander Goggans, a soldier of the Revolution, was born in Richmond county, Va..January 14. 1758. In early life, his parents emigrated to Newberry District South Carolina. Young Goggans was an active soldier in the Revolutionary service. He was in Col. Williams’ command at the battle of King’s Mountain, where he was wounded in the left shoulder. Sometime afterwards while with a scouting party he was wounded in the left leg. And again, in another skirmish, he was struck down by a severe sabre stroke on the head and left for dead upon the field.

After his recovery from this third wound, he rejoined his comrades and continued an active partisan to the end of the war. After peace was made, Mr Goggans married Mary Dashields, who died in 1800. About 1815, he married Elizabeth Kilpatrick. After many years’ residence in South Carolina Mr. Goggans emigrated to Lincoln county, Tennessee. Thence in 1819 he emigrated to Lawrence county, Alabama, where he resided until the death of his wife in 1836. He then moved
to Carroll County. Georgia, where he died March 21, 1852, in the triumphs of a living Faith. He was buried the next day


Another Soldier of the Revolution Gone

Carroll County, GA

The following is the obituary written by Rev. Thackston and published in a Carroll County, GA newspaper or in a book, the paper appears to be a copy of a book page. I do not know which book or newspaper it came from, nor do I know the date of publication.


"Immortal may their memory be, Who fought and bled for Liberty."

Departed this life, at the residence of Alexander Goggans, Esq., in Carrol County, Georgia, on Sabbath 21st of March, 1852, at 6 o'clock in the evening William Goggans. The deceased was born in Richmond county, Virginia, on the 14th day of January, 1758. In early life, his parents emigrated to the State of South Carolina and settled in Newberry District. When the subject of this notice was quite young, the war broke out and though he was but 16 years old, a desire for liberty, a heart burning for the good and welfare of the country, he fled to North Carolina for refuge and took up arms in defence of his country, and joined Col. Williams in the siege at the battle of Kings Mountain, N.C. In that battle he was wounded in his left shoulder. Some time after that on his return to South Carolina in a scouting party he was shot through in the left leg with a musket ball, and after he got well in another scouting party he was cut down with a broad sword by the Tories and left with the blood streaming from his forehead, supposed to be dead. After his recovery he again joined his companions and continued in the service till the end of the war. After peace was made he married Mary Dashields, who departed this life October 22, 1800. About the year 1815 he was again married to Elizabeth Kilpatrick. He resided in Pendleton about 20 years, he then emigrated to the State of Tennessee, Lincoln county, about the year 1819 he moved to Lawrence county Ala., there he resided till the year 1836, when he was bereaved of his last wife. The same year he moved to Carroll county, Ga. where he resided till his death. Having obtained peace and pardon in the wounds of a Crucified Redeemer in the year 1838 he united with the Baptist church at Bethany, Carroll county, Ga., of which he continued a faithful member till death. Religion was his theme, he was regular in his attendance at the house of God, delighted in the service of the Sanctuary, and when it was said come let us go to the house of God to worship, his tottering frame could be seen wending its way to the place of worship till the last five or six months before his death, he was deprived of that privilege, which was a grief of mind and sorrow of heart to him yet he murmured not at the dispentions of Providence but was resigned to the will of his Heavenly Father. He was a lover of his country, Republican in principle, as a citizen and neighbor he was respected and beliked, honest in his country as soldier, we judge he was brave; as a husband, he was affectionate as a father kind and tender; as a Christian meek and humble, devoted and zealous, worth of imitation, adoring his profession by orderly walk and Godly conversation. During the short acquaintance of 2 years we had with him religion was the theme he delighted to converse upon and when that subject was mentioned there was an expression in his countenance that bespoke the feeling of his heart. To use his own language, there were many things which had taken place in his life which he had forgotten but one thing he never had, that was the time and place where God spoke peace to his troubled soul." While age and infirmity was preparing his body for the grave his spirit was ripening for the mansions of bliss, he bore his afflictions with patience and Christian resignation often expressed a willingness to depart and be with Christ, there was no fear of death nor dread of the grave. It is a matter of comfort and consolation to his bereaved connections, that he died in the triumphs of a living faith. He was perfectly composed and in his right mind knew his friends till the last moment of his earthly existence. Laid his hands on his breast and fell asleep in the arms of Jesus aged 94 years 2 months and 7 days. On Monday, 22nd of March his mortal remains were interred with the honors of war, in the grave yard at Bethany Church to await the morn if the resurrection. "Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord."

R. H. T.

(signed with pen)

Rev. Thackason

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