Louis F Balderman

Louis F Balderman

Korean War · US Navy · Petty Officer Second Class
Korean War (1950 - 1953)

Aviation Machinist's Mate, Second Class, U.S. Navy

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Conflict Period

Korean War

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Petty Officer Second Class

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Service Fact

Perished on April 15, 1969, while serving as a crewman aboard a Navy EC-121 surveillance mission over the Sea of Japan in support of the Korean truce, his aircraft was shot down. All 31 crewmen were reported missing. He was presumed dead on May 2, 1969.

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Served For

United States of America

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Stories about Louis F Balderman

    Louis F Balderman was our Uncle He was born in May 29 1943 I was 4 years old I remember seeing lots of pictures and hearing his name. Recently I been going through his letters that he sent to our Parents and in a letter dated friday January 3 1969  he stated were not playing with firecrackers over here I am afraid and I am not scared to admit it  he went on saying he lived his life and was Happy but felt something big was going to happen .He was hoping he was just imagining the feeling he got   He was not supposed to be on the mission this day but was filing in for a buddy . Uncle Louis was going to turn 26 May 29 1969 . Of all the people I have found everyone has spoken of him fondly always having a smile on his face and  being Happy with his life  I felt as I got to know him through his letters My Sister was his favorite Niece in every letter home he was always asking about her and making sure she knew he recieved her letters he planned on coming home the May 1969 to celebrate his birthday But God had other plans that tragic day .

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