Eugene F McGurl

Eugene F McGurl

World War II
World War II (1939 - 1945)

First Lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Forces

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Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart, Chinese Air Hero Medal, Medal of Freedom First Class

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Conflict Period

World War II

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95th Bomber Squadron, 17th Bomber Group, Medium

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Served For

United States of America

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Stories about Eugene F McGurl

Doolittle Raider, Lt Eugene McGurl on CREW #5 off of the Hornet, Tokyo Raiders, 1942

    Lt McGurl, Crew 5 of the Jimmy Doolittle Raid..... after the (percieved) crash landings after bombing Japan, McGurl was one that had to travel inland and was not rescued back TO the Continental United States.  Lt Eugene McGurl flew Combat Missions with the B-25 341st Bomb Group in the CBI (China-Burma-India) Theatre.   Starting in May of '42 and was KIA on a Combat Mission on 2 June, 1942 (Or 3 June, 1942 "Over-there). . . . ............................

    On 3 Jun 42 (CBI date, 2 Jun in U.S) Maj Leland led six B-25s on a mission to bomb Rangoon, while enroute to Kunming to join the Chaina Air Task Force and set up operations for the Group. Following the attack on Rangoon Maj Leland and both his wing men, flying in very poor weather and in very poor visibility, struck a mountain and exploded in flames. The far left and far right wingmen were able to avoid the mountain, but unable to determine exactly where they were. The spot has never been located. Among these crews were Raiders 1Lt Eugene McGurl (Crew #5), TSgt Omer A. Duquette (Crew #12) , SSgt Melvin Gardner (Crew #11).

    Tony Strotman, MSgt (ret.), USAF
    Son of T/Sgt Francis E. Strotman, Engineer-Gunner, 341st BG

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