William B. Briggs

William B. Briggs


Wiiliam B. Briggs, 1920-1995, served as ariel engineer and waist gunner on B-24 Scorpio and B-24 Nancy Lynn in the 15th AAF, Squadron 781, Group 465, 1943-1945, Pantanella Airfield, Italy. Crew Mates: Captain Robert French, Francis Donohue, F/O David Bowman, Pvt. Frederick P. Wagner, Sgt. Harold F. Qagnan, Sgt. Francis Donohue, Sgt. Lehman V. Wood, Sgt. Danny Horton

A daughter's attempt to put pieces of my dad's puzzle found after his death

    My daddy, Tech. Srg. William Bernard Briggs, Sr., served in the USAAF from 1943 to 1944 state side training with the 2nd AF Northwest United States, Zone of the Interior, 3rd AF Southeast United State, Zone of the Interior, and the 4th AF Western United States Zone of the Interior.  From November 1944 to June 1945, he served with his crew with the 15th USAAF, Bomber Squandron 781, Bomber Group 465, stationed at Pantatella Field in Italy.

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