Frederick Crumlich

Frederick Crumlich

Grave Issues

    Grave number 10283 at Andersonville Military Cemetery in Georgia contains the body of FREDERICK CRUMLICH ( christened Frederich Gramlich).  The inscription on the marker, " F.S. Cromleigh, PA," is slightly incorrect.  For well over a century, Frederick Crumlich and Sobescus Cromleigh were confused in military records.  Frederick was old enough to be Sobescus' father, but they weren't related ( to our knowledge).  However, there were enough similarities to cause the hybrid F.S. Cromleigh to exist.

    The two men, whose surnames did sound a bit alike, both served as privates in Company H, 7th Pennsylvania.  Both were captured during the Battle of the Wilderness on May 5, 1864.   Both were imprisioned at Andersonville Prison Camp.

    There Frederick Crumlich died on 4 October 1864 and was buried, far away from his York Co. Pennsylvania home,   Sobescus survived and lived until 1929. He was buried near home in Upper Octorara Church Cemetery in Parkesburg, Chester County, Pennsylvania.

    The gravestone at Andersonville will remain, as it is an historical artifact.  However, the databases at the historic site have been revised in 2013 and currently list the burial as that of Frederick Cromleigh.  Sobescus Cromleigh is also in the database as a resident of the Prison Camp, not the Cemetery.  It is important that we honor both men and get their stories straight.  Park Rangers refuse to correct the spelling of Frederick's surname, because it was mispelled as Cromleigh in the military records that they have on hand.  His original burial record and his wife's widow's pension do not spell it that way, nor do any non military rceords we've found.

    Frederick Crumlich left behind a large family for his wife, ESTHER "ANN"  BELL CRUMLICH, to care for.  She lived in York County, Pennsylvania, until her death on September 14, 1901. Her gravestone is incorrectly engraved too!  It reads  1825 - 1899. This is impossible, as she was enumerated in the 1900 Federal Census of Monaghan Twp.,York County, Pennsylvania.  Her Civil War Widow's pension no. 112309 clearly states that she died on September 14, 1901 and contains a Pension Dropped card ( 90837) with that same date. These records confirm the date given to my great grandmother Sally Cromlich and to her daughter Maud in family letters, written shortly after the death.

    So husband and wife - Frederick and Esther Ann Bell Crumlich - both lie in graves whose stones bear the wrong facts about them.  We must endeaver to keep their true stories alive.  This is especially important with errors propogating like wildfire Online,