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Project:The Julia White Connections

I was looking back over the 1880 census record on Julia White, my father's father's father's mother. I came across something that I over looked. Julia had a grand daughter named Rebecca White born in MO. Rebecca's parents were from VA.

So that least one of Julia's children was born in VA. Rebecca was listed as mulatto. I don't know which of Julia's child was the parent of Rebecca.

But as I looked at a slave schedule in 1850, I see a male mulatto who was 20. Perhaps that was Andrew's who was 40 or Julia's who was about 32.... a son...Would Julia have another son? The ages could have been different. The mulatto son could have been younger.

I am not for sure how many children Julia had. I have compiled names from the census records, news clip and other material I have found over the years.

Here is the list of Julia FINNEY WHITE's children:


Linda White

born 1841


Mary White

born 1844





Ben Whiteborn 1849


Andrew Whiteborn 1849


Lydiaborn 1852


Spencer Whiteborn 1852 or 1860


Mattie/ Matty White



John White

born 1854 / 56



David White

born 1858



Josh (Joshua) Whiteborn 1860


Martha White

born 1862


Richard / Dick White1866-1946.


Isaac Blakey

He did marry. First to Martha Scott who had twin sons.

He later married Rachel Ann Leftridge / Lephridge who had 18 children.


John White

He married Katherine / Katie Estell who had 9 children.


Spencer White

He did marry First to Melinda Banks who had 3 daughterss

Than re married to Lou ?


Mattie White

She was said to have not married.

I don't know if Mattie and Martha were the same person.

I've come across both Mattie and Martha who were widowed on the census records.

I've found only on Martha on the 1880 Census.

Mattie was listed as having about 5 children on one of the census.

Richard White

He did marry. First to Jane Fergerson who had 13 or 14 children.

Richard married Mary Belle Brooks who was the widow of David Stapleton.


Discoveries While On The Journey

The Julia White Connection


The Mother and Sibling reunited in MO.

They moved to the Howard and Charition County Missouri area

Most were buried in Forest Green, MO.

They could have been buried in Hoffman Cemetery.




An Assumption Of The Life Of Julia White

This story was written on 10 Aug 2007.

I made some corrections and updates on Dec 3, 2009.

 Julia (n) (?) WHITE, The Ex-Slave

 She was born around 1818 to 1820 in VA.

Slave owners came from Orange and Middlesex County VA

Oral history states that she was from Africa.

Census records states she was born in VA.

Her parents were born in VA.

She was with slave holders Frances WHITE BLAKEY

and her husband John BLAKEY around 1840's.


Julia's children may have been born between

1841 cira -1866 to the 1870's ?

Resident in Forest Green MO. Chariton and Howard County in MO.

She could have remarried after slavery. But most liked didn't.

Don't know how long she was married to Andrew White


Marjority of Julia's known children didn't name their children after her.

This might mean that the children did not know here or their father.

On two children's death record state Andrew White as father.

On John White's death record Julia White as his mother.

On Isaac Blakey's death record Andrew White was listed.


There could have been at least 11 to 13 children

Born between 1841 - 1866 by this Mother, Julia

There could have been more than one father.

One of Julia's children was born in VA.

On 1880 Julia had a granddaughter named Rebecca.

Rebecca was born in MO.

Her parents were born in VA.


Julia WHITE was listed on the 1880 MO Census as a widow.

The year of her death is not known.

Oral History states that she died and was buried in Forest Green, MO.


There was an Andrew White that lived next door to Julia White.

In Howard County MO on the 1880 Census record.


There was an Andrew White Next door to Julia White in 1880.


Isaac White born abt 1800 Virginia (Self) (Head)

Andrew White born abt 1850 Missouri (Son)

Laura White born abt 1855 Missouri (Andrew's Wife)

Mariah White born abt 1874 Missouri (Daughter)

July A. White born abt 1876 Missouri (Daughter)

Isaac White born abt 1878 Missouri (Son)


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