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Who Was Mattie White?

 Who Was Mattie White?

From what I've read and researched, she was the daughter of Julia White. I can assume that her father was Andrew White. The year of Mattie's birth is not for sure.

Mattie White was to have been born in to slavery. I've been searching information about her. I have come up with different years of her birth. 1856, 1865 1867, 1877. I assume that she was born in the 1860's. However, oral history states that she was born in 1856.

I have been trying to solve this mystery for some time. It was in May of 2010 when I had some kind of breakthrough. I came across a 1930 Missouri census in Chariton County.

 What information do I have on Mattie White? She had a daughter named, (Bob) Ella BENTLEY CARR. Ella's had a son named Willard Carr. This information came from a family history reunion booklets.

Well, on the 1930 census, I came across a Mattie White. She was a widow. She had a daughter named, Oressisa Hereford. There was a grandson, named William Carr. I see some connection here. Family history records state that Ella Bentley Carr passed away in 1923.

On the 1910 and 1920 census, Oressia was listed as Mattie's daughter. I found out that Oressia was born in 1902 and died in 1976. That's how I see that Mattie could have been born around 1862 or so.

 That would have made Mattie about 40 when she gave birth to Oressia. I thought Oressia might have been Mattie's granddaughter. Ella White or Ella Bentley was born around 1886 in Missouri.

 Here is what I found on the census of a Mattie White living near Andrew J. White in Chariton County MO. The years 1900 - 1930.

 Head of house: Mattie White, a widow

Children on 1900 Missouri Census 

Patrick White born about 1882

Alice White born about 1884

Ella White born about 1886

Jane White born about 1889


On the 1910 Missouri Census: One of Mattie's children had died. Also, I've not located Patrick, Alice or Jane White. I don't know which child of Mattie died before 1910.


On the 1920 Missouri Census

Ella White born about1882

Oressia White born about 1902


On the 1930 Missouri Census

Oressia Hereford was born about 1904

Grandson William Carr was born about 1923


There are a lot of questions that remind.

Were Martha and Mattie WHITE the same person?

Did Mattie or Martha marry a man with the WHITE surname?

Did their children carry the WHITE surname?

Were the WHITE's that lived in the same area related?


Andrew J. White had a daughter names, Cornelia WHITE WOODS.

Did she have a son named Todd WOODS?

Could this be the link to the family tree?


There was a Todd Woods was listed a cousin to this union on my WHITE family.

How was Andrew J. WHITE related to the BLAKEYs and the WHITEs? 

I believe that there was some connection with Andrew White's father Isaac White and Julia White's husband Andrew White. Perhaps Isaac who lived next door was Andrew's brother. I do see some similarities.


There are many many other questions. Answers left unknown. Yet still there are mysteries. And there always will be mysteries in the family tree.

 Staying On The Family History Journey,


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