Conflict Period:
Civil War (Confederate) 1
Confederate Army 1
Private First Class 1
31 Mar 1836 1
Cropwell, St. Claire, Alabama 1
Henry's Chapel Cemetery Troup, Texas 2

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Personal Details

Full Name:
George Washington Grissom 1
31 Mar 1836 1
Cropwell, St. Claire, Alabama 1
Male 1
Henry's Chapel Cemetery Troup, Texas 2
14 Jun 1908 1
Troup, Cherokee, Texas 1
Cause: Old age? 1
Mother: Clarissa Thomas 1
Father: Robert Grissom 1
Mary Frances "Fannie" Norris 1
04 Nov 1854 1
Talladega,Talladega, Alabama 1
Spouse Death Date: 20 Apr 1891 1

Civil War (Confederate) 1

Confederate Army 1
Private First Class 1
Service Start Date:
March 15,1862 1
Service End Date:
May 1864 1
Farmer 1
Race or Ethnicity:
Irish 1
'The Mansfield Battle':
on the Texas Louisiana border: 09 Apr 1864 1
'Walker's Texas Division':
'The Battle of Jenkins Ferry' 'Sabine River': 29-30 Apr 1863 1
Clark's Reg.Tex.Infantry:
14th Co. D: 03 May 1862 1
18th Co. L: 28 Jun 1862 1
1st Co. K: 12 Jul-31 Oct 1862 1
Bellview, Texas 15 Mar 1862 1
'The 2nd Battle of Bull Run': 'Battle of Manassas' Va 1

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George was 25 when he left his wife and 5 year old daughter Haseltine to enlist in the Confederate Army on March 15,1862 in Bellview, Texas. Printed on his muster records was: ‘The 14th, Co.D’, also known as Clark's Regiment Texas Infantry, organized May 3,1862, with nine companies, ‘A’ through ‘I’, which had previously been mustered into the service of the Confederate States on various dates to serve twelve months. It was reorganized under the Conscript Act June 28, 1862.  Company ‘L’, 18th Regiment Texas Infantry, was transferred to Clark's regiment sometime between July 12 and October 31, 1862, and became (1st) Company ‘K’ under Gen. Kirby Smith in the ‘Red River Campaign’ along with ‘Walker’s Texas Division’ in the battle of ‘Jenkins Ferry’ on the Sabine River in Arkansas the April 29-30, 1862. He was wounded in the “Second Battle of Bull Run’ or, as called by the Confederacy the ‘Battle of Manassas’, Virginia. One of his last engagements was near his home in the Mansfield battle on the Texas Louisiana border April 9, 1864. In the Texas Confederate Soldiers Pension records 23 Sep 1899 his application was turned down because he had one good arm. His granddaughter Alice Vivian (Divers) Grissom wrote about him in ‘Reminiscence’ her memories of growing up in Texas.


“ I remember hearing the family talking about maternal grandfather Hall and paternal grandfather Grissom who both had fought on the side of the South in the Civil War. Grandfather Grissom lost an arm in the battle of ‘Bull Run’ He told of retreating across a stream with a man who lost a leg, and they both helped each other. He said he remembered the water flowing red with their blood as they crossed over. The grandchildren would get on his lap and try to catch the stump of his arm while he wiggled it around. Grandfather was Irish and his wife French.”

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