Crew of the Photo Queen

Crew of the Photo Queen


Near here lie 9 American Airmen, crew of a photo recon B24. Families of the missing we're never told the wreck of the plane that vanished in 1944 was found in 1947 by an Australian team led by the gallant Sq Ldr Keith Rundell. Found the wreck,found two sets of remains, evidence 2 crew decapitated after capture, 2 remains now reside in American Cem. Manila. Pilot Harms has a mem site in fold 3, I have yet to see it. His former widow Mrs. Geer passed in2010 . She had 2 sons with Royce Harms, and 2 more children when remarried. Harm's sons live in Miss. and Va. I earnestly ask for guidance, should those men and their sons be informed now? Will the Austrlian govt. help me find Rundell's official report. These were Extraordinary men. In the last 4 days of their lives flew 3 missions of 12-15 hrs each, 1200 NM each. From the 4th they did not return. Join me in closing with words to a plaintive Bugle Call. It has always given me a moment of Peace: Day is done! Gone the sun.....All is well, sa

From James Bertel, MD

    Austr. Aeronautical , Maj Davis shows left pencil line as PQ expected return course to Biak, this about 145 degrees, upper line estimated course ,actual course and approx position when last heard from, which Davis must take as 1855 hrs, last Mayday, this course line is almost dead on124degrees , the same course they departed target on at1215 hrs., target was Leyte Gulf, distant 1200 n m.frm posit. shown. On Equator. and 137 E. Ibeieve Davis off. My calculations , really speculation is PQ missed Palau Is. Waypoint, actually to the Northeast of that Is. Group on. Course of about 120 or so and 1st mayday at 1829 hrs. Places them at 1deg. 15 min. N, 138deg. 55 min E which is for your reference nearly 2 inches E by NE from 0 deg, 137E, the final posit. On Davis' pencil line. Irian NG coast in view for you in lower right hand corner. Thus if PQ 1829 then swings to a course of 170 they landfall at Sarmi vicinity. Mayday 1829 running out of gas, only chance is go south to hit a coast, then bailor ditch in surf on beach. PQ is now distant about 120nm. From. You NG coast , 30 min. at 250 knots so mayday 2 at 1855 hrs. Fits. Then they bail out or ditch. They bailed out. It is pitch dark at these latitudes by 1815 hrs or so, and Rundle found the wreck in a mangrove swamp. Fate after that, for all but Julian and Rafael, a mystery.

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