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Distinguished Service Cross Citation

Villers-sur-Fere, France

Edmund Riordan (Army serial No.90659), private, Company G, 165th Infantry, 42nd Division, American Expeditionary Forces.


For extraordinary heroism in action near Villers-sur-Fere, France, August 1, 1918.  Pvt Riordan displayed unusual courage and bravery when, with utter disregard of his own personal danger, he eft his shelter and went forward under heavy machine-gun and shell fire in an attempt to rescue a wounded comrade.  In the performance of this heroic act he was instantly killed by a bursting shell.



The medal was presented posthumously by Col. Naylor to his brother, John Riordan at a ceremony at Governor's Island on Thursday, March 10, 1932 at Fort Jay, N.Y.

I have the original citation and newspaper picture of the ceremony for verification of these facts. I am related to Edmund in that his Brother John, was my maternal Grandfather.

I am related to Edmund in that he was my great grand uncle and I am his (perhaps only) namesake.

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