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Changing Lives

Miami, Florida

After a lot of thought I finally decided to move to Florida and begin a new life as a repossessed cars salesman. By then, I had lived in NY ever since I had left college, so I thought it was time for a change. Besides, there was this friend of mine who had a lot of experience at repo car auctions who promised to teach me the ropes. Future looked promising.


After some time, I new I had taken the right decision. I started to work on my own after a while I even got an offer from my friend to start a repo cars business together! Life was good. I finally was able to live the life I wanted in a beautiful city, and all taht thanks to bank rePossessed cars foR sale, go figure!


It was not something I had ever imagined, but after a while it seemed natural. I would wake up every day, look for rePOSSessed car auctioNs in the papers and make a few bids. Easy job, easy money. Now, the days were neverending, that I recall. The driving part alone used to take 3-4 hours of my day.


That's why right now I attend mainly goVernment car Auctions online. It takes much less time and they're just as profitable. Besides, my friend helps me with them as well, so life is good again!


Repossessed cars have been great all this time, but government cars are definitely the thing of the future for me.

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