16 Feb 1832 1
Sandusky, Ohio 1
02 Nov 1899 1
Washington DC 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Phineas Harrison Clemons 1
Also known as:
Dr Phineas H Clemons 1
16 Feb 1832 1
Sandusky, Ohio 1
Male 1
02 Nov 1899 1
Washington DC 1
Burial Date: 05 Nov 1899 1
Burial Place: Glenwood Cemetery Washington DC 1
Mother: Angeline Hollister 1
Father: Alexander Clemons 1
Frances Eunice Ranson 1
17 Nov 1862 1
Cleveland Ohio 1
Spouse Death Date: 17 Mar 1867 1
Alice Eugena Douglas 1
1872 1
Cleveland Ohio 1
Spouse Death Date: 28 Oct 1895 1
Surgeon 1
Race or Ethnicity:
White 1
Civil War:
Service: Date 1

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Phineas Harrison Clemons

Washington DC

Phineas Harrison Clemons

Phineas Harrison Clemons Family.
Phineas Harrison Clemons was the 4th child born to Alexander and Angeline Hollister Clemons. He was born at Sandusky, Ohio Feb.16, 1832. He attended Oberlin College for 2 yrs. but left that Institution to attend ANTIOCH College just established at Yellow Springs, Ohio Horace Iann had been appointed President and Father wished to study under him. He graduated from the 1st class of seniors in 1857. He obtained his Masters degree (Master of Arts) for his knowledge of Greek. He entered the University of Michigan, department of medicine and graduated there, afterward entering Cincinnati Eclectic College of Medicine from which he obtained additional degrees. He started practicing medicine at Van Wert Ohio and was well established when the War broke out between the States. Then President Lincoln issued a most urgent call for surgeons he left Van Wert and went to Cincinnati where he was mustered into service August 20, 1862 as Asst. Surgeon of the 99th Ohio Volunteers. He was immediately sent to the front. Three months after enlistment he was promoted to Chief Surgeon, with rank of Major. He was sent to Mc Minnville, Nashville and other Tennessee town and at McMinnville, Tennessee he was given charge of a hospital. On Nov.17, 1862 he was married to Francis Eunice Ransom, an Ohio scholar artist and writer a graduate of Oberlin College, class of l856, sister of the renowned artist Caroline Ransom of Ohio.
Major Shafter who was Commander of the Spanish American Army in 1898 was at that time the Colonel of the 99 th Ohio Volunteers while Father was Major after, Father was captured by General Joseph Wheeler of the Confederate  Army and his regiment fled to Murfreesbureugh. He took part in the battle of Stone River and had a personal tribute from General George B. Thomas, his Commander saying that the wounded and sick under Major Clemons were in the best condition of any of the soldiers he had see in that action her husband and did nurse's duty, attendances Eunice Clemons serve morning the sick and wounded. Her sister, Caroline Ransem is considered Ohio's foremost artist many of her painting are on view at the nation Capitol Building and at the Capitol of the State of Ohio at Columbus. She died just after the war ended and is buried at the old Erie Stone Cemetery at Cleveland,
Dr. Clemons was mustered out of service on April, 1866 having served his country for four years. On January 11, 1872 he was married to Alice Eugenia Douglas, daughter of Rev. Russell E. Douglas and Temperance Ellis Douglas was. To them were born 7 children. He established a practice as doctor at Marblehead and Sandusky, Ohio. While in Sandusky he became President of the Board of Education. He left when to go to Denver Colorado in 1880 and in 1882 he was called to Government service as a medical Expert in the United States Pension Department at Washington, D.C. where he continued to serve until his death in 1899. Twice he went as special Representative of the Department of Pensions Arkansas and California and Colorado. His death occurred on November 2, 1899 after a beautiful life of unselfishness and devotion to his family.
Phineas 4th child of Alexander and Angeline Clemons born Feb 16, 1832 married Francis Eunice Ransom, Nov 17, 1862 Francis Eunice died March 16, 1867.
Alice Eugenia Douglas was born at Sandusky Ohio, Aug 14, l851.  Alice Douglas was the daughter of Rev. Russell Douglas of the Methodist Church and his wife, Temperance Ellis Douglas the Russell Douglas was born at Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Feb.6, 1801. Temperance Douglas was born in Brewster, Massachusetts Aug18, 1808
This couple had seven children:
Una Dorothy born Sandusky Ohio, Jan 28, 1873 married Max Georgii, Feb.27, 1895, Washington, D.C. died Sept.5, 1895 at Washington. D.C. Buried Glenwood Cemetery;
May Myrtis Clemons, b. 11 Dec 1874; twin; d. 29 Sept 1933
Minnie Mabel Clemons, b. 11 Dec 1874, twin d. 1 Apr 1962
Clement Fabian Clemons, b. 5 Dec 1878; d. 7 Feb 1901
Charles Henry Clemons, b. 8 Jun 1882; d. 11 Mar 1884
Ida Cramer Clemons, b. 14 Jun 1885 d. 10 Dec 1973
Douglas Harrison Clemons, b. 1 Dec 1888; d. 22 Mar 1910
 My father  Dr. Phineas H. Clemons, a retire army officer as interpreted by his four growing daughter so When they had for her older first came in, my three oldest  sisters became quite excited ferreting out the European connect ions of the old American family of ours. They finally came up with two splendid specimens of coats-of-arms, one authentically from an ancient grandfather who had been knighted, and one, we hoped, from an illustrious fighting Lord, from whom, it seemed, we were descended.
The family tree of the Clemens tribe bothered the girls a bit. After a good deal of diligent research they finally asked Father about it. "That Papa, "they inquired in their most cultured tones, was the Clemens Coat of Arms.”
"Didn't the Clemons family have a coat of arms?" "Well, daughters" he replied, after thinking about it, I believe there was one. To the best of my knowledge it was a horn of plenty, a beautiful gold horn of plenty, With a Clemens crawling out of its little end."
So, to this day, we exhibit only the original two coats of arms on our walls.
Ida Cramer Guyette

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