B17 Bombardier 1942-1945 42-3347 "Charlene" 42-30602 "Dry Run IV"


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Pilot-Emery R. Chesmore, 2nd Lt. Co-Pilot-John Chesnut, Jr., 2nd Lt. Navigator-Arthur J. Leady, 2nd Lt. Bombrdier-John V. Matthews, 2nd Lt. Top Turret Gunner/Engineer-Vincenzo Viealvi, T/Sgt. Radio Operator-Cerney Lett, S/Sgt. Batt Turret Gunner-James F. Simpson, S/Sgt. Tail Gunner-Earl C. Fahl, S/Sgt. Waist Gunner,Left-James E. F. Collins, S/Sgt. Waist Gunner, Right-Nicholas Popadya, S/Sgt.

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