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Oliver Kempf 1
Age in 1930: 1 1
Estimated Birth Year: 1929 1
Place: ST. CLAIR County, Illinois 1
From: 1930 1
Enumeration District: CENTERVILLE TWP. 1

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  1. Census - US Federal 1930 [See image]


I once blamed grampa for shoving me off a log and into a creek when I was a child. In reality, I slipped and he attempted to grab me. What a wonderful man!

Lake Wildwood, IL

Oliver Glenn Kempf married Opal Dorothy Henrietta Panky Krick and the two of them had 4 children, 2 sons and 2 daughters. Holly Kempf, Mike Kempf, Jeffrey Kempf, and Kris Kempf. Oliver and Opal moved from Dupo IL to Lake Wildwood IL where they were one of the first families to build a home around this new lake development. Oliver worked and retired from GRACE fertilizer company. He loved to spend his time outdoors whether he was waterskiing, fishing, hunting, cutting wood, or just living. He is responsible for a large family of loving people and is truly missed

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