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563rd Signal Aircraft Warning Battalion



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Meritorious Unit Commendation


The President of the United States takes pleasure in presenting



for service set forth in the following:


“For outstanding performance and devotion to duty during the period 13 January 1945 to 28 March 1945.  This organization, because of its superior knowledge and performance of tactical operations, superb training, technical skill, spirit of cooperation, aggressiveness, and resourcefulness accomplished outstanding achievement relative to Aircraft Warning Service to the XIX Tactical Air Command throughout the continental campaign.  The superb efficiency and relentless efforts of all members of this command contributed materially in making possible the brilliant and successful onslaughts by aircraft of the command against the enemy during the Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland, Ardennes and Central Europe campaigns.  The accomplishment of this mission was extremely difficult and hazardous during the latter stages of the campaigns because of the rapid advance which necessitated constant leapfrogging of equipment and personnel.  That the Battalion was able at all times to furnish early aircraft warning to fighters and the fighter bombers as well as invaluable information on enemy ground targets reflects highly upon the 563rd Signal Aircraft Warning Battalion and is worthy of the highest traditions of the Military service.”


General Orders #59, Headquarters, XIX Tactical Air Command, 3 July 1945.

By command of General Sanders

Distinguished Unit Citation

Mont Saint-Michel, France

Under the Provisions of Section IV, War Department Circular #333-43, the following named unit of the Ninth Air Force is cited for outstanding performance of duty in action against the enemy from 3 to 8 August 1944.

"During this period the members of Company 'A', 563rd Signal Air Warning Battalion distinguished themselves by extraordinary heroism in the face of the enemy when, after having been charged with the mission of establishing a forward Battalion FDP in the Mont Saint-Michel area, the company found itself in hotly contested territory, under fire from enemy artillery and constantly harassed by enemy scouting parties and snipers. Although the company was not equipped or prepared adequately to meet opposition of this nature, the members of the unit nevertheless so located its Light Warning and Ground Observation Posts that the company was immediately able to furnish radio control to aircraft in the area, directing them to targets of opportunity and furnishing early warning of enemy aerial and ground activity to Air Corps and Anti-Aircraft Artillery units in the area, as well as serving as a relay point for many signal activities in the sector after existing land lines had been destroyed through enemy action. Throughout this period, the fortitude, spirit and improvision, and high esprit de corps evidenced by the members of Company 'A' resulted in the rendition of distinguished service to the Armed Forces during an important phase of the campaign in Northern France."

War Department General Order #111-46

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Campaign Streamers:
Ardennes-Alsace 1944-45: 16 December 1944 - 25 January 1945 1
Central Europe 1945: 22 March - 11 May 1945 1
Normandy 1944: 6 June - 24 July 1944 1
Northern France 1944: 25 July - 14 September 1944 1
Rhineland 1944-45: 15 September 1944 - 21 March 1945 1
General Order #134, HQ, XIX TAC: 23 Jul 1945 2
Drew Field, Tampa, Florida: 28 Sep 1942 2
Assigned to:
100th Fighter Wing, XIX Tactical Air Command, 9th Air Force 3
Commanding Officer:
LTC William L. McBride 3
Station 01:
Middle Wallop, England 4
Station 02:
Ashford, England 4
Station 03:
Biddenton, England 4
Station 04:
Woodchurch, England 4
Station 05:
Le Vast, France 4
Station 06:
Hattonville, France 4
Station 07:
Bouvron, France 4
Station 08:
Manonville, France 4
Station 09:
Distorf, France 4
Station 10:
Tromborn, France 4
Station 11:
Arsdorf, Luxembourg 4
Station 12:
Wincrange, Luxembourg 4
Station 13:
Sevenig, Germany 4
Station 14:
Wallersheim, Germany 4
Station 15:
Limburg, Germany 4
Station 16:
Homberg, Germany 4
Station 17:
Giernstadt, Germany 4
Station 18:
Langenback, Germany 4
Station 19:
Paulushofen, Germany 4
Station 20:
Straubing, Germany 4
Station 21:
Viechtach, Germany 4
Station 22:
Bischofsmais, Germany 4
Service Streamers:
Army of Occupation Service (Germany): 20 May - 5 July 1945 1
World War II Victory: 7 December 1941 - 31 December 1946 3
Unit Awards:
Distinguished Unit Citation (Co. "A" only): 3-8 August 1944 1
Meritorious Unit Commendation: 13 January - 28 March 1945 1

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