This was my dad and he was a Marine in World War ll. He enlisted when I was about 11 months old. I was born October 01, 1942. His two brothers were in the service too so they told him to stay home and take care of his family including their Mother. My dad couldn't do it so he enlisted. One of his brothers ran into him somewhere overseas and was upset with him for joining but I imagine he really understood it. His brothers were Edward H. Moore, and Paul O. Moore so all three of them were in the service. Their Mother had a daughter with her is all.


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This is my father Victor H. Moore. He was born in Fornfelt, Scott County, Missouri now called Scott City, Scott County, Missouri. He later lived in Noble, Illinois and Olney, Illinois both in Richland County. He worked in the shoe factory in Olney, in Spitler's grocery store in Sumner Illinois and for the Newspaper in Sumner as a photographer. When he decided to go somewhere to have a job later he went to Joliet, Illinois to work in a powder factory there and while there joined the Marines when I was 11 months old. He trained at Camp Pendalton in California and surved in Iwo Jima and Saipan.

This picture is of him in in his Marine uniform WW ll. Taken in San Diego California while he was going to boot camp in Camp Pendalton California.

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